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6 Things to Ask Your Commercial Painting Contractor

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Know when to call for help

First impres­sions are every­thing in busi­ness. When poten­tial clients pass by a place of busi­ness, a pos­i­tive first impres­sion from a qual­i­ty paint job done by a com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tor is key to grab­bing and keep­ing their atten­tion.

Curb appeal includes invest­ing in qual­i­ty work, done by qual­i­ty con­trac­tors who have proven results. When it comes to find­ing your next com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tor, know what to ask when you begin your research.

These fol­low­ing six ques­tions are a great place to start when iden­ti­fy­ing who will be doing the next paint­ing project for your shop­ping cen­ter, mul­ti-fam­i­ly com­plex, or retail store.

  1. Is your com­pa­ny licensed?
    1. Is the com­pa­ny prop­er­ly licensed to per­form com­mer­cial paint­ing? Does each of the con­trac­tors work­ing for the com­pa­ny have a valid, up-to-date license for them­selves? If the answer is not Yes, move on. You are not pro­tect­ed in main­tain­ing a qual­i­ty of work with an unli­censed work­er.

      Each com­mer­cial painter and com­pa­ny has a lot to lose if the job is not com­plet­ed to terms as not­ed and signed in a con­tract.

      At Ren­ovia, our peo­ple make a dif­fer­ence. Our promise is to deliv­er con­sis­tent, qual­i­ty ser­vice from peo­ple who strive to make an impact on you and your cus­tomers’ lives. This includes us keep­ing our team ful­ly licensed and trained on all ser­vices we pro­vide. 
  2. Does your com­pa­ny have the prop­er insur­ance?
    1. Is the com­pa­ny bond­ed and insured in case of any prob­lems or acci­dents while they are work­ing at your busi­ness? While you may have insur­ance for your busi­ness, they should be respon­si­ble for any mishaps or prob­lems which occur dur­ing their work.

      Go the extra mile and request their insur­ance infor­ma­tion and con­tact them to ensure the insur­ance is cor­rect and valid. You will want to ensure they have com­pre­hen­sive busi­ness lia­bil­i­ty and workman’s com­pen­sa­tion insur­ance in place.  
  3. Does your com­pa­ny have ref­er­ences reviews and war­ranties?
    1. Many com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tors will have a list of ref­er­ences from pre­vi­ous projects and often times con­tacts at those loca­tions who have reviewed the qual­i­ty of work which was com­plet­ed.

      If you are able to speak with past cus­tomers, they may be able to share any pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive feed­back. If there has been prob­lems, it will help you iden­ti­fy them and poten­tial­ly avoid future issues.

      Always ask about war­ranties offered. If there is a war­ran­ty, it can help save you mon­ey in the long run, rather than have to pay more to have some­thing fixed, which wasn’t your fault in the begin­ning. 
  4. How long with the project take and who will be my point of con­tact?
    1. You will always want to get as detailed a report as pos­si­ble when it comes to the time it will take to com­plete a project. Own­ing a busi­ness, you must have com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tors who are up front and hon­est about project time­lines.

      Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is also a key part of ensur­ing project time­lines are fol­lowed and cus­tomer ser­vice is a key pri­or­i­ty. Our ded­i­ca­tion to improve­ment and ensur­ing you always receive the high­est lev­el of cus­tomer ser­vice is why we’ve adopt­ed the Japan­ese busi­ness phi­los­o­phy Kaizen.  
  5. What type of prod­ucts will be used on our build­ing?
    1. The types of prod­ucts are always a con­cern when invest­ing in a com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tor. At Ren­ovia, we iden­ti­fy the best prod­ucts based on the type of project.

      Nev­er assume the con­trac­tors you speak with are plan­ning on using the high­est qual­i­ty of prod­ucts. Often times you will get a low quote and if you accept and the job is done with low­er qual­i­ty prod­ucts, you will be back redo­ing the project much soon­er than need­ed.

      When Ren­ovia had a project to paint an NFL sta­di­um, they knew a high qual­i­ty paint was going to be need­ed. They chose to use a mil­i­tary grade paint com­mon­ly used for bat­tle­ships to ensure the client received the best qual­i­ty paint last­ing as long as pos­si­ble in all weath­er con­di­tions. 
  6. How much expe­ri­ence does the com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tor have?
    1. Begin the con­ver­sa­tion with ques­tions around the company’s back­ground to learn more about them, how long they have been in busi­ness. Com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tors who build qual­i­ty teams with expe­ri­enced work­ers who love what they do, great results will fol­low.

      Don’t be afraid to ask how many jobs they have com­plet­ed, if there have been any high pro­file jobs or how many years of ser­vice they have in the indus­try.  

Find­ing a qual­i­ty com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tor can at times present a chal­lenge. Hav­ing a list of ques­tions to start will help you nar­row down, elim­i­nate and hope­ful­ly iden­ti­fy the top one to three can­di­dates for the job. Once you have nar­rowed down your search, then ask for a quote so you can do a full com­par­i­son based on the job at hand.

Ren­ovia imple­ments core val­ues in every job for every client. They focus on serv­ing first while mak­ing sure their clients get treat­ed the way they would want to be treat­ed them­selves. When it is time to hire your com­mer­cial painter, you will want some­one who lis­tens intent­ly and focus­es on what will be and has been accom­plished rather than tak­ing cred­it for a job or accom­plish­ment. This ensures your voice is heard and your vision is cre­at­ed.  

If you are ready to speak with a com­mer­cial paint­ing con­trac­tor who will be open, hon­est and direct in answer­ing all of your ques­tions about a com­mer­cial paint­ing project, con­tact us today. We would love the oppor­tu­ni­ty to speak with you, if only to answer your ques­tions.

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