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Small Details Matter: How New Paint Can Encourage New Residents

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The Rule of Thumb

You know how impor­tant rou­tine main­te­nance is on your prop­er­ties- includ­ing every­thing from roof repairs to repaint­ing. But, how do you know when to repaint? Wait­ing until you notice fad­ed and peel­ing paint is just ask­ing for trou­ble. A good rule of thumb, espe­cial­ly in humid envi­ron­ments, is to inspect and paint your exte­ri­or sur­faces approx­i­mate­ly every five years.

Why should I repaint? There are sev­er­al rea­sons why it’s impor­tant to keep your prop­er­ties look­ing pris­tine, and it’s not just to keep it attrac­tive. Chipped or peel­ing paint can low­er your prop­er­ty val­ues. If your exte­ri­or sur­faces are left in a state of dis­re­pair, peo­ple look­ing at your prop­er­ty may think that this neglect is a reflec­tion of the way things are man­aged at the facil­i­ty over­all.

Your build­ings’ paint is akin to your skin. It pro­tects the exte­ri­or sur­faces from the ele­ments. If the paint is chipped or peel­ing, wood sid­ing or trim may begin to rot. Rot­ten win­dow sills can lead to cracks in mason­ry.

If you want to encour­age new or exist­ing res­i­dents in your com­mu­ni­ty, then paint col­or can say a lot. The choice of paint col­ors can have a strong influ­ence on how you feel. For instance,

  • Warm tones like oranges, yel­lows and reds or earth tones such as brown and beige may prompt con­ver­sa­tions. Peo­ple feel com­fort­able in such a room and are encour­aged to sit and talk.
  • Yel­low or red are both good col­ors to go with in the kitchen. Red will even stim­u­late your appetite.
  • When it comes time to relax, cool col­ors such as green or laven­der are calm­ing; they make great choic­es for bed­room col­ors.
  • White, green, or turquoise are all good choic­es for bath­room décor. They give one a sense of clean.

What work needs to be done before paint­ing can begin? Ensure when prepar­ing to hire a paint­ing con­trac­tor that you know what ser­vices are includ­ed in the cost of repaint­ing. The com­pa­ny that you decide to hire should also offer to pres­sure wash all of the sur­faces that you plan to paint if need­ed. Any repair work such as caulk­ing and water­proof­ing should be com­plet­ed before paint­ing begins.

How is this going to incon­ve­nience the res­i­dents? Repaint­ing the exte­ri­or of your build­ings will be a minor incon­ve­nience to the res­i­dents, but there are ways that you can keep it from becom­ing a major one. First, make sure that you inform your res­i­dents well in advance of the work. Let them know the days and times this or any oth­er project will be tak­ing place and what that work will entail. Noti­fy res­i­dents at reg­u­lar inter­vals lead­ing up to the work in order to remind them, for exam­ple at one month, two weeks, and a few days before. They should be made aware of any­thing that is expect­ed of them. Will they need to move their vehi­cles? Will they be expect­ed to use alter­nate entrances? This will cre­ate an open line of com­mu­ni­ca­tion for you, your res­i­dents, and your con­trac­tor to ensure a smooth and suc­cess­ful project.


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