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Scheduling Considerations for Healthcare Facility Paint Projects

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Create a Maintenance Plan Using These Factors

Is it time to repaint your build­ing, but you are con­cerned about the expense? There are ways to keep your exte­ri­or paint­ing expens­es down and even con­sid­er cre­at­ing a main­te­nance plan to keep costs to a min­i­mum in the future. Here are sev­er­al fac­tors that need to be con­sid­ered when plan­ning a repaint­ing project.

Factors to Consider

  • Choos­ing a Con­trac­tor — There is more to pick­ing a paint­ing con­trac­tor than just mak­ing sure they are cer­ti­fied and well-trained in their field. A local­ly-based com­pa­ny will know what mate­ri­als will work best for your area. This will min­i­mize repaint­ing more often than nec­es­sary. Paint­ing teams will be aware of prob­lems that can arise in your neigh­bor­hood, and sug­gest solu­tions before work starts that will avoid cost­ly alter­ations after the project is com­plete. These advan­tages can result in not only a less expen­sive final cost but also a more accu­rate esti­mate to help with estab­lish­ing a bud­get.
  • Col­or Choice and Repair Costs — Dur­ing a repaint­ing project, you must always allow for the repair of dam­aged areas that can’t be seen until the job has begun. It is always a good idea to make an inspec­tion your­self pri­or to call­ing a paint­ing con­trac­tor to get a rough idea what prob­lems to expect when work begins. A cer­ti­fied con­trac­tor will include allowances for addi­tion­al repairs in an esti­mate before start­ing work. The col­or scheme you choose should be attrac­tive and work well for your spe­cif­ic area. A com­mer­cial build­ing can great­ly ben­e­fit by hav­ing a col­or con­sul­tant make sug­ges­tions that would suit your par­tic­u­lar style and type of build­ing. This may be an extra expense upfront, but if col­or choic­es are out­side your skill set, this extra step can cre­ate a more pleas­ing build­ing and can thus help to gen­er­ate more rev­enue over time.
  • Cost of Mate­ri­als — There is a wide dif­fer­ence in the cost of paint and relat­ed mate­ri­als. One con­sid­er­a­tion is the length of time before the paint starts to break down. A more expen­sive choice might last sig­nif­i­cant­ly longer than cheap­er paint, even though dur­ing the first few years you can­not see a dif­fer­ence. You want the curb appeal to always be top notch, espe­cial­ly for a com­mer­cial prop­er­ty.
  • Estab­lish­ing a Main­te­nance Pro­gram — The cli­mate in many states such as Flori­da and the Carolina’s make a pre­ven­tive main­te­nance pro­gram very impor­tant. Humid­i­ty and salt dam­age due to prox­im­i­ty to the ocean can also cause dete­ri­o­ra­tion over time to exte­ri­or paint and wood. Mold can form caus­ing major health con­cerns. Peri­od­ic inspec­tions and main­te­nance can result in sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced repair expens­es. Work on a bud­get­ing plan for main­te­nance on your build­ings to be sure you are nev­er tak­en by sur­prise.

All these fac­tors are part of the for­mu­la to cre­ate a real­is­tic bud­get for exte­ri­or paint­ing costs with the least amount of unwant­ed sur­pris­es. The result is the dif­fer­ence between a suc­cess­ful busi­ness or oper­at­ing at a loss. You also have one less prob­lem to cause wor­ry when the job is done cor­rect­ly and will be mon­i­tored in the future. Your build­ing can look great and have less untime­ly repair costs as a result.


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