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Avoiding Surprises: What to Ask for in Exterior Painting Bid Packages

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Consider These Factors Before Approving a Bid

Exte­ri­or paint­ing is impor­tant in your con­do asso­ci­a­tion to increase the aes­thet­ic appeal of the prop­er­ty and for main­te­nance pur­pos­es. An in-depth annu­al inspec­tion of paint­ed sur­faces is rec­om­mend­ed to iden­ti­fy any areas that require main­te­nance, as it’s easy for small prob­lems to become larg­er ones if you don’t notice and repair them reg­u­lar­ly. Con­do­mini­um asso­ci­a­tions should have a plan in place to ensure main­te­nance and paint­ing of con­do build­ing exte­ri­ors. There are, how­ev­er, fac­tors that need to be con­sid­ered before approv­ing a bid pack­age to paint a con­do­mini­um prop­er­ty.


A con­do­mini­um asso­ci­a­tion should ask whether the con­trac­tors sub­mit­ting the bids are cov­ered by insur­ance. Con­trac­tors should have two types of insur­ance- one that will pro­tect the prop­er­ty from dam­age by the con­trac­tors and one to ensure that work­ers under their super­vi­sion are cov­ered in case of any lia­bil­i­ty while work­ing on the prop­er­ty. Be warned: some­times con­trac­tors don’t car­ry the appro­pri­ate insur­ances. It is up to the asso­ci­a­tion to ver­i­fy cov­er­age with the con­trac­tors. Request proof of insur­ance to be sub­mit­ted with your bid. An asso­ci­a­tion should nev­er work with con­trac­tors with no insur­ance, as this opens them up to law­suits and lia­bil­i­ties.


A con­do­mini­um asso­ci­a­tion should also ask about the war­ran­ty pol­i­cy pro­vid­ed by con­trac­tors. A con­trac­tor should spec­i­fy the war­ran­ty in place while prepar­ing the bid pack­age, and the asso­ci­a­tion should care­ful­ly go over the war­ran­ty to know what it cov­ers and what it doesn’t, how long the war­ran­ty will last, if the con­trac­tor will pro­vide labor in case of any defects and any exclu­sions to the war­ran­ty. A pro­fes­sion­al con­trac­tor will have a bud­get to cov­er war­ran­ty call­backs. In some cas­es, con­trac­tors dis­ap­pear after hear­ing war­ran­ty call­backs and asso­ci­a­tions should steer clear of these con­trac­tors by check­ing their ref­er­ences, licens­es and read­ing the war­ran­ty care­ful­ly.

The Price

In going over a paint­ing bid pack­age sub­mit­ted by con­trac­tors, the price is an impor­tant con­sid­er­a­tion to look out for. Price quotes for paint jobs are affect­ed by many fac­tors includ­ing the size of the con­do­mini­ums, the cur­rent con­di­tion of the walls, any exter­nal repairs need­ed, the num­ber of coats to be used, paint qual­i­ty, sheen selec­tion, col­or pref­er­ence as well as labor that will be need­ed. Look for bids that stand out dras­ti­cal­ly from the oth­ers either on the high end or the low end. This is not to say these con­trac­tors would do low­er qual­i­ty work, but the out­lier bids are ones to be aware of as you choose your ser­vice provider.

Prepa­ra­tion Work

A bid pack­age should also include prepa­ra­tion work to be done on the sur­face before paint­ing begins. A build­ings sur­face needs to be cleaned before a new coat is applied using meth­ods like pres­sure wash­ing, mean­ing added costs. Con­do­mini­um walls will also need to be inspect­ed for any cracks or holes and if any are found, caulk­ing or EIFS/Stucco repairs have to be car­ried out, to seal any gaps found in the build­ing.

In con­clu­sion, a con­do­mini­um asso­ci­a­tion needs to go over a paint spec­i­fi­ca­tion pack­age care­ful­ly to ensure that the con­trac­tor hired will meet their safe­ty, and main­te­nance needs, as well as bud­get require­ments.


Learn more by down­load­ing the Con­do Association’s Guide to Mak­ing Col­or Choic­es.

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