Nashville Skyline Gets New Look

Nis­san Sta­di­um — Home of the Ten­nessee Titans


The Ten­nessee Titans foot­ball sta­di­um in Nashville, Ten­nessee was, from a dis­tance, unre­mark­able. Because of its sheer size it was notice­able as part of the city’s sky­line, but aes­thet­i­cal­ly it left lit­tle impres­sion. Sta­di­um exec­u­tives knew they need­ed the struc­ture to deliv­er more impact.

The deci­sion was made to begin paint­ing areas of the sta­di­um. Fol­low­ing the sale of the facility’s nam­ing rights to Nis­san in July of 2015, the new Nis­san Sta­di­um had a clear direc­tion.


Bob Fly­nn, Vice Pres­i­dent of Facil­i­ties and Game Day Oper­a­tions for the Titans, had become famil­iar with Ren­ovia in his pre­vi­ous role with the NHL’s Nashville Preda­tors. Though he had nev­er per­son­al­ly worked with the com­pa­ny before, pos­i­tive word of mouth from col­leagues encour­aged him to reach out.

The process was extreme­ly smooth. “Our design­er came up with the art design,” said Fly­nn. “After Nis­san signed off on the paint­ing col­or schemes, Jere­my Wil­ley and his team at Ren­ovia took it from there.”

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The extreme heights of the sta­di­um

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Weath­er con­cerns

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Wall prepa­ra­tion

Gear Image | Renovia

Pre­vi­ous paint­ing efforts

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Sta­di­um events, includ­ing the NFL sched­ule

Sev­er­al of the areas of Nis­san Sta­di­um includ­ed in the project had not been paint­ed in 17 years, and paint tech­nolo­gies had changed. The walls need­ed more prim­ing and prepa­ra­tion to ensure the paint adhered cor­rect­ly to the sur­face. In addi­tion, the paint used had to be able to han­dle the severe tests of weath­er. To meet this require­ment, Ren­ovia applied a spe­cial paint often used for mil­i­tary bat­tle­ships.

The west side of the sta­di­um took approx­i­mate­ly three months to com­plete. The project was put on hold due to win­ter weath­er, but began again on the east side of the sta­di­um after the weath­er shift­ed. Two months lat­er the sec­ond phase was com­plete.


The paint­ing and sig­nage is incred­i­ble,” said Fly­nn. “Peo­ple now notice the sta­di­um from a dis­tance.”

Fly­nn was espe­cial­ly impressed with Renovia’s focus on com­mu­ni­ca­tion and ded­i­ca­tion to meet­ing all of the team’s expec­ta­tions.

Ren­ovia does great work,” he said. “The sta­di­um wasn’t an easy job, but it turned out nice­ly. I feel con­fi­dent that when we need paint­ing ser­vices for the sta­di­um, I can always reach out to Jere­my and Ren­ovia.”

Fly­nn meant what he said. Fol­low­ing com­ple­tion of the first project, the Titans orga­ni­za­tion con­tract­ed with Ren­ovia for addi­tion­al paint­ing projects at the sta­di­um, along with the team’s new St. Thomas Sports Facil­i­ty.