Bringing In Third-Parties for Healthcare Community Maintenance

Renovia | Third Party Healthcare MaintenanceRenovia | Third Party Healthcare Maintenance

Maintenance Safety is Vital in Retirement Communities

The standards for a healthcare community are understandably high. Maintenance safety in retirement communities is vital. When maintenance work needs to be done, the high standards a community prides themselves in should carry over. Not only do you need to consider the quality of work that needs to be done, but also need to take the importance of the residents into consideration. Those you hire to work for you must be willing to maintain the deference and respect that comes with working near residents and the public. Taking this into consideration, when looking for a company that can address your painting maintenance tasks, make sure that you chose one with uncompromised character.

What type of maintenance work needs to be done? There are several routine maintenance jobs that should be completed on a regular cycle. Roof repair, masonry repair and painting are all projects that need attention.

Your roof should be inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year. Don’t forget that heavy storms with lots of snow, hail or wind can damage a roof.

Your annual inspections should extend to any masonry on the building as well. The effects of weather can damage walls and other surfaces. A crack can allow water to seep in and damage the underlying wood. That small crack can get even wider if cold weather hits and the water freezes. Wet wood can result in the “M” word problem as well. Mold is an issue that is bad news for anyone, but in a public building, the concern is even greater and ever-present.

Painting the exterior of your buildings is an area that can often get overlooked as more of a matter of aesthetics than necessity, but cracked and peeling paint can cause the siding below to become damaged. That being said, another area to be inspected each year is your exterior woodwork such as siding, window sills and dormers. Just as water can seep into cracks in your masonry and ultimately ruin your walls, rotten sills or peeling paint can allow water to damage the woodwork. For this reason, all prep work, wood repair, restoration and caulking should be done prior to regular repainting. Working on a regular schedule to paint your communities ensures that it looks great, and continues to attract and keep residents as well as preserve your buildings.

Maintenance in retirement communities is extremely important. Remember that any third-party maintenance workers should keep in mind the needs of your residents as they work. Access to the building should not be compromised but should continue to adhere to the ADA standards. Their work should be top notch, and their attitudes and commitment should be stellar. With the right contractor, you’ll have a community you and your residents will be proud of!

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