How To Get The Most Value Out of a Repaint

All multifamily community owners should consider repainting their buildings every 7-10 years. Once an owner makes the choice to repaint, a new set of questions come,

  • How do I choose a repaint color?
  • What will add the most curb appeal?
  • How do I make my interiors and exteriors cohesive?
  • What if I don’t like the color I choose?

This blog is going to answer those questions while giving you a set of questions to ask your painting contractor.

It’s going to ensure you get the most value from your repaint.

Questions to ask your painting contractor before a repaint:

  • How many coats does a drastic color change take?
  • How many coats does a small color change take?
  • What is the estimated cost difference?
  • What if I keep my color the same?

Curb Appeal

Re-paint in general will add curb appeal, some popular colors we are seeing are:

  • A wide range of blues and greys
  • Deep tans
  • Bright pops of cool, calming colors

To see some of the other projected paint trends for 2021 click here.

Keeping up with landscaping and parking lots can help with curb appeal as much as a fresh coat can revisit our General Repairs Blog to refresh on some tips.

Remarketing and Cohesiveness

Now could be a great time to consider remarketing your multifamily apartment community. This repaint could last 10 + years. We want to make sure it fits the future of your brand.

Asking yourself the following questions will ensure you reach maximum value from this repaint.

  • Where do you see your apartment community in 10 years?
  • Do you want to change your brand altogether?
  • What does this new brand look like? Do you want to change your colors, your logo, your name?
  • Do you need a plan for making sure interiors and exteriors are cohesive? We understand painting both interiors and exteriors is a lot to budget for. However, we can help come up with a budget and plan for completing both on a sensible timeline.

We can start you off with color recommendations that set the tone for your future brand.

The Right Color the First Time

We know one of the biggest fears with a repaint is hating the color once it’s painted on your building. That’s why we used Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer to create a link where you can try out colors on a multifamily building.

Click below to try out some new and exciting colors!

Click the tiles on the left to change the colors.

Color Visualizer

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