Can you afford to gamble on your resort’s appearance?

Consumers expect the best in their vacation or travel experience. The appearance of your resort or hotel must meet or exceed these perceptions, or you risk a spiral of negative feedback that can spread quickly and affect the bottom line.

Travelers will often understand when upkeep is required, but they won’t accept projects interfering with the pleasure of their stay. A contractor must realize the importance of processes that are minimally intrusive while communicating the shared value of completing the job.

Safety is another key consideration. High-rise structures require specialization — using lifts, scaffolding, and swing staging necessitates a unique level of expertise. You need a partner with the knowledge and big-picture understanding of comprehensive safety procedures and the wherewithal to maximize efficiencies so projects are completed safely and correctly the first time.   

Ren­ovia provides our cus­tomers in the hospitality segment with the highest levels of expertise. Beyond simply restoring your resort, we help to ensure your customers leave your site pleased with their experience.

Sealant/caulking replacement Pres­sure washing/building cleaning Interior and exterior painting Waterproofing coatings
Stucco/EIFS repairs Concrete repairs Garage and balcony deck coatings Color consulting, matching, and enhancements
Chris Hall | Renovia

Chris joined Renovia in 2011 to fulfill his strong passion for working with property management companies within the hospitality and apartment industries.