Renovia’s Communication Process In 6 Steps

At Renovia, we believe predictable outcomes are the key to better project experiences. When customers are informed about a project from planning to completion, they are less likely to experience unexpected outcomes. That’s why our teams use our systematic communication process to provide you with up-to-date information throughout each project stage. Here are each of our communication process steps explained:

Step 1 – Scope Call

Scope calls happen during the project planning stages and are conversations between Renovia Account Executives and customers that discuss project details. During these calls, our account executives are trying to understand your individual needs and requirements. For example, what your project timeline looks like and what budget you have allotted. Common questions you may encounter during these calls are:

  • What is driving your project?
  • Why are you interested in having this project done now?
  • What are you hoping to gain from this project?

The length of your scope call might depend on whether you’re a new or returning customer.

Step 2 – On-site Analysis

Inspect what you expect. That’s why we send an estimator out to almost every project we provide a bid on. Our estimators view the project not only from a customer’s perspective, in assessing what you’re trying to achieve, but also from an operational mindset. This step is critical to properly assess what’s needed to complete projects with the most efficient and effective operations.

Another benefit of having an onsite evaluation is that our team can point out possible paint failure solutions, which may include making repairs or consulting with an engineer or building consultant. This analysis helps our team gain a better understanding of the services your building needs to reach your desired outcomes.

Step 3 – Proposal

This is where we bring the information from the initial scope call and on-site analysis together to demonstrate we’ve been listening to your needs and determining how we can provide you with the outcomes you’re hoping to gain. In this step, you can expect our teams to provide you with information about paint specifications, color renderings, repair costs, future warranties, and a proposed schedule for your project.

Step 4 – Pre-construction

A preconstruction meeting is scheduled once you’ve chosen to work with Renovia for your project. During this meeting, we will introduce you to one of our project managers, who will be your primary point of contact moving forward. Your project manager will discuss the project plan in more detail with you, which can include coordinating crew hours and the logistics of working on your building. The primary goal of the preconstruction meeting is to solidify an execution plan for your project and help you prepare for your start date.

Step 5 – Scheduled Communication

Scheduled communication refers to all communications that happen between the project manager and you throughout the duration of the project. We have a systematic way in which we communicate progress updates, like our Site Audit Report PDF. This document provides you with details about the work that’s been completed, is being completed, and will be completed next. That way, you’ll always have the information you need to know what we’re doing and where our crews are working on your building. You can also tailor the frequency of communication to your personal preference, depending on the amount of information you’re accustomed to receiving.

Step 6 – Final Walk

The final walk is when our team meets with you one last time to examine the completed project to make sure everything meets or exceeds your expectations. During the walk, we will carefully review each area of your building to make sure no further repairs or work are required. This systematic step is critical to make sure the result you receive is one you’re satisfied with and that you feel supported by our team members, even once we’ve finished your project.

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