Scheduling Considerations for Senior Living Paint Projects

Create a Maintenance Plan Using These Factors

Is it time to repaint your building, but you are concerned about the expense? There are ways to keep your exterior painting expenses down and even consider creating a maintenance plan to keep costs to a minimum in the future. Here are several factors that need to be considered when planning a repainting project.

Factors to Consider

  • Choosing a Contractor — There is more to picking a painting contractor than just making sure they are certified and well-trained in their field. A locally-based company will know what materials will work best for your area. This will minimize repainting more often than necessary. Painting teams will be aware of problems that can arise in your neighborhood, and suggest solutions before work starts that will avoid costly alterations after the project is complete. These advantages can result in not only a less expensive final cost but also a more accurate estimate to help with establishing a budget.
  • Color Choice and Repair Costs — During a repainting project, you must always allow for the repair of damaged areas that can’t be seen until the job has begun. It is always a good idea to make an inspection yourself prior to calling a painting contractor to get a rough idea what problems to expect when work begins. A certified contractor will include allowances for additional repairs in an estimate before starting work. The color scheme you choose should be attractive and work well for your specific area. A commercial building can greatly benefit by having a color consultant make suggestions that would suit your particular style and type of building. This may be an extra expense upfront, but if color choices are outside your skill set, this extra step can create a more pleasing building and can thus help to generate more revenue over time.
  • Cost of Materials — There is a wide difference in the cost of paint and related materials. One consideration is the length of time before the paint starts to break down. A more expensive choice might last significantly longer than cheaper paint, even though during the first few years you cannot see a difference. You want the curb appeal to always be top notch, especially for a commercial property.
  • Establishing a Maintenance Program — The climate in many states such as Florida and the Carolina’s make a preventive maintenance program very important. Humidity and salt damage due to proximity to the ocean can also cause deterioration over time to exterior paint and wood. Mold can form causing major health concerns. Periodic inspections and maintenance can result in significantly reduced repair expenses. Work on a budgeting plan for maintenance on your buildings to be sure you are never taken by surprise.

All these factors are part of the formula to create a realistic budget for exterior painting costs with the least amount of unwanted surprises. The result is the difference between a successful business or operating at a loss. You also have one less problem to cause worry when the job is done correctly and will be monitored in the future. Your building can look great and have less untimely repair costs as a result.

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