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Serve First: Paying it forward this Giving Tuesday

Image is a collage of Renovians giving back to their communities.Image is a collage of Renovians giving back to their communities.

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that celebrates the act of giving back to the world and the communities we live in. This Giving Tuesday, we’re participating by being a light in the communities we thrive in and giving back meaningfully.


How this all started

Over the past decades, our team has been paying it forward and being a light in the communities we serve. Specifically, each week at Renovia, we select a teammate to pay it forward and give them $100 to do something impactful in their community. Then, in our weekly huddle meeting, we take the time to have them share how they were a light with the rest of us.


Here are some examples of how our teammates Paid it Forward and Served First:


Picture is of Renovian Ryan Kennedy




After realizing just how big of an impact we could make if we took this a step further, we knew our relentless pursuit to serve others needed to grow. That’s why we expanded our Pay It Forward program to allow you to make positive impacts with us. 

To learn more about the Giving Tuesday movement, you can visit their website.

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