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Matt Doucey

Project Manager

Matt is a proud grad­u­ate of the Indi­ana Uni­ver­sity Kel­ley School of Busi­ness. He strives to incor­po­rate his 11 years of retail back­ground and edu­ca­tion to bet­ter him­self and the com­pany every day. He aspires to build rela­tion­ships and trust to ensure that each cus­tomer con­tin­ues to rec­om­mend Renovia’s ser­vices.

Matt’s fam­i­ly has been through a lot. His father was in a midair plane col­li­sion in 1992. After hav­ing third-degree burns over 87% of his body, 27 surg­eries, and a less than 20% chance to live, his dad still flies today! In his free time Matt and his wife enjoy play­ing ten­nis, hik­ing with their dogs, trav­el­ing, and attend­ing coun­try con­certs.

Favorite Movie

Top Gun

Person I’d like to Meet

Brad Paisley

Favorite Travel Destination


Chicken Dance?