Our Story

Conversations may begin with projects, but they end with people. At Renovia, we believe that’s how it should be, always.

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Renovia is in the construction field with a concentrated focus on coatings and repairs. We were founded in 1999 with over 20 years of experience. Our customers rave about our consistency and quality. By leveraging our team of experts and proven process, we remove the frustration of managing projects so our partners can keep their focus on leading their businesses.


Since 1999, Renovia has provided a wide range of services to help businesses look and feel better. From the Tennessee Titans football stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, to multi-family apartments in Florida, our team aims to serve property manager needs by updating their facilities.

Our Core Values

At Renovia, complex projects are the framework of our business. Yet our goals are greater. We’re dedicated to providing lasting, positive impact throughout the community and improving lives. Our core values are the bedrock of our culture and they create the framework for long-lasting relationships with our clients and each other.


We anticipate situations and lead proactively. 
We are always looking ahead. We stretch ourselves to step out of our comfort zones. We enable our team to come up with their own solutions.


We are never complacent; there is always a way to improve what we do. We push each other to reach our full potential. We believe that team- and self-reflection will allow us to identify opportunities and innovate. We are on our “A” game personally and professionally all the time.


Serve First
We treat others the way they want to be treated. Each person is unique. We foster an environment that celebrates our differences as strengths, not weaknesses.


We listen with the intent to understand and acknowledge that what is being said is important to the speaker. We respect the individual speaking by giving them the respect of attentive listening. We validate the speakers feelings by being in the moment and eliminating distractions.


We will accomplish amazing things if we do not care who gets the credit. We are made up of individuals who strive to accomplish our goals, while supporting others goals with humility and purpose.


Uncompromised Character
We deliver on our commitments each and every time. Our words represent ourselves, our brand and team. We set proper expectations, we own our mistakes, and we follow through with effective communication to both our teammates and our clients.


We make the right decision even when no one else will know. We pride ourselves on our character. We set ourselves apart by doing what is right, which is not always easy. We follow through with decisions long after the emotion of making a decision has passed.


We deal with conflict directly to improve relationships. We support healthy relationships by creating an environment where conflict resolution is an opportunity to improve a relationship, not hinder it.


We Don’t Tolerate…
Gossip, entitlement, or avoidance of accountability. We respect each other. We empower constant personal improvement without letting egos get in our way. We respect individuals who take ownership of their mistakes.