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Nissan Stadium

The Tennessee Titans football stadium in Nashville, Tennessee was, from a distance, unremarkable. Because of its sheer size it was noticeable as part of the city’s skyline, but aesthetically it left little impression. Stadium executives knew they needed the structure to deliver more impact.

Are You Serving Your Customer’s Customers? Renovia’s Philosophy of Service

A common pitfall in service industries is properly thinking and planning beyond the next step. Many vendors are so focused on the task directly in front of them, they don’t give consideration to the downstream effects. At Renovia, we understand that our efforts don’t just impact our immediate customer — they also have repercussions with our customer’s customer.

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Deerwood Village

Cortland Partners, a multi-family real estate investment and management firm, had acquired several new properties, including the Deerwood Village Apartments in Ocala, Florida. Renovia had recently worked with Cortland on a successful apartment project in Columbus, Ohio, in which 8 properties were completed in a very timely and efficient manner..