Kaizen – The Renovia Way

Our dedication to improvement and ensuring you always receive the highest level of customer service is why we’ve adopted the Japanese business philosophy of Kaizen.

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Kaizen Enables Us

From large-scale changes to minor adjustments, Kaizen enables us to approach all projects with a mind-set of making positive improvement and identifying opportunities for change.


On an individual level, Kaizen enables each member of the Renovia team to identify opportunities for personal development. Changing for the better has even greater currency when applied to our lives outside the office. With Kaizen, staff members understand the need and value of seeking ways to improve the lives of others around us. Our service-oriented mentality extends to not just our local communities, but to the world in which we all live.


Kaizen simply allows us to serve our customers — and ourselves — better.

With Kaizen…

We Anticipate Situations and Lead Proactively: We are always looking ahead. We stretch ourselves to step out of comfort zones. We enable our team to come up with their own solutions.


We Challenge the Status Quo: We encourage our team members to bring new ideas and better practices to the group. They also know their ideas will be appreciated and respected.


We Are Never Complacent: There is always a way to improve what we do. We push each other to reach our full potential. We believe that teamwork and self-reflection will allow us to identify opportunities and innovate. We are on our “A” game personally and professionally all the time.


We Treat Others the way They Want to be Treated: Each person is unique. We foster an environment that celebrates our differences as strengths, not weaknesses.


We Listen with the Intent to Understand: e acknowledge that what is being said is important to the speaker. We respect the individual speaking by giving them the respect of attentive listening. We validate the speaker’s feelings by being in the moment and eliminating distractions.


We Will Accomplish Amazing Things If We Do Not Care Who Gets the Credit: We are made up of individuals who strive to accomplish our goals, while supporting other’s goals with humility and purpose.


We Deliver on Our Commitments Each and Every Time: Our words represent ourselves, our brand and team. We set proper expectations, we own our mistakes, and we follow through with effective communication to both our teammates and our clients.


We Make the Right Decision Even When No One Will Know: We pride ourselves on our character. We set ourselves apart by doing what is right, which is not always easy. We follow through with decisions long after the emotion of making a decision has passed.


We Deal with Conflict Directly to Improve Relationships: We support healthy relationships by creating an environment where conflict resolution is an opportunity to improve a relationship, not hinder it.