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Meet Brett

As Vice President of Operations, Brett ensures operational efficiency, customer support, R&D, and safety for Renovia. Through past roles in the construction and design industry, he has developed the necessary competencies to lead teams in property and facility management, general contracting, and emergency restoration. The 20+ years of experience Brett brings to Renovia is shared amongst those in the construction industry who share his commitment and vision.

Brett has a passion for architecture and design which led him to pursue his bachelor’s in architecture at the University of Colorado. In addition to the world of built spaces, Brett also enjoys competitive sports. His most recent and favorite activity is Pickleball in which he is a member of multiple leagues and satisfies his edge through weekend tournaments.

His Passion

Architecture and Design - Creating Functional Spaces to Relax

Person I'd like to Meet

His Grandpa, Who Passed Away When He Was a Small Child

Favorite Travel Destination

Spetses, Greece

Chicken Dance?

No Way!