“Houston, We Have A Moisture Problem”

You’re sitting at mission control (your office) and you get this message from your crew (facility maintenance team in the field). Now what?

Moisture issues are plaguing the commercial space. Those darn little moisture molecules seem to find their way into every crack, gap and crevasse. And they continue to cause issues both inside and outside of the building(s) you are responsible for protecting.

You need a plan of action to fix the issue, and we are here to help.

Here is our 3 step A.P.P. guide to assist you in winning the battle against moisture:

Step #1 = Assess

  • Don’t assume, always assess.
  • An assessment is needed to understand where and how moisture is entering your building. The assessment is a critical first step because it gives data to create a plan from. One thing every assessment must include is an in-person site walk. Sorry, but Google Earth just won’t provide the data needed to fix the issues.
  • That in-person site walk can include a number of techniques and tests: visual scan, photos, video, thermal imagery, moisture probing, lab testing, and on and on. The circumstances of the intrusion, the type of building, and the geographic location will all help dictate which test to use to collect data.

Step #2 = Plan

  • “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”
  • A plan is created in step #2 by utilizing the data and feedback received in step #1 and creating comprehensive solutions. There is never a “One Size Fits All” solution to solving moisture intrusion. The solutions will vary wildly from building to building.
  • A good plan is one that only fixes the problem at hand. A great plan fixes the problem, in a way that is as non-invasive to your customer as possible, and outlines contingencies in the case things don’t go as planned.

Step #3 = Perform

  • It’s Go Time!
  • Using the right professionals, with the skills and abilities to execute the plan, is essential. A plan is only as good as the people responsible for performing the work.


We exist to help you assess the issue, create the plan and perform the work.

But you will need to take the first step.

Click here to get started.


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Written By Paul Strack – National Director of Sales and Marketing
Published February 2019

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