Even if your brick facade is in good shape, mortar joints can fail due to excessive moisture exposure. Tuck pointing can help reinforce the structural integrity of your building’s exterior.

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Mortar joints play a crucial role in the structural integrity of your brick facade. Not only do they hold your bricks together, they work to keep water out. Mortar joints are also the weakest point of your brick wall. Replacing or repairing your mortar joints will help extend the life of your brick facade. The two most common causes of failing mortar joints include:


  • Excessive moisture keeping the mortar joints saturated 
  • Gutters, downspouts, or trim caps not functioning properly 


This is where tuckpointing comes in! Coming from the name of the tool used to repair your joints, tuckpointing is when you repair joints by filling in with mortar that matches the existing structure. The professionals at Renovia have the experience to appropriately protect your brick from water intrusions through tuckpointing.


To better understand tuckpointing and the work involved on these projects, it’s important to know the difference between key masonry terms and processes. 


  • Tuck Pointing
    This involves filling in failing or damaged joints with mortar to match the existing brick facade.
  • Repointing
    Repointing actually includes removing failed or damaged material completely and then filling them with mortar to match the existing brick facade.
  • Pointing
    This is the process of filling mortar joints during new masonry construction.


Often tuckpointing is more cost-effective than repointing, and it is considered a short-term fix. Our team of experts will work with you directly to help you determine whether you need a full repoint or tuckpointing for your buildings. 


On large-scale projects, tuckpointing can become a tedious project that’s best left to the coating and repair experts. Below are the five key steps to any tuck-pointing project. 


  • Removing Failing Mortar
    Grind out remaining failed joints with a HEPA vacuum.
  • Cleaning the Joint
    Fully cleaning the joint and wetting the wall is necessary for a successful project.
  • Matching Mortars
    Mix new mortar to match – this always includes a test mix and dry to ensure the closest match.
  • Mortar Installation
    Once you have a match Install new mortar in the joints.
  • Drying & Cleaning
    Allow the new mortar to dry and then we use acid wash faces to clean up debris.


Is your brick facade in need of tuckpointing? Reach out to one of our tuck-pointing experts today to discuss your potential project. You can also find our full list of services to see if you could also be in need of our professional commercial painting and coating services. 

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