Whether you have a parking garage, walkways, or breezeways that take a beating from traffic day after day, it might be time to apply a protective coating to help extend the life of the substrate.

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Traffic coatings are the protective layer needed for a heavier traffic load to help withstand frequent, day after day vehicle or foot traffic. Whether your concrete structures are suffering from damage due to weather conditions like constant freezing and thawing or your facilities receive a large amount of traffic (either vehicles or foot traffic), you may be in need of a protective traffic coating, and the Renovia team is ready to help.


Traffic coatings also protect horizontal concrete from all sorts of weather and moisture that will over time, break down and destroy concrete. That includes issues that often arise from salt erosion on parking decks or public balconies. Common applications for traffic coatings would be seen on:


  • Multi-story parking garages
  • Parking decks
  • Concrete walkways or footbridges
  • Rooftop decks
  • Outdoor balconies


The Renovia team is well versed in all of these types of traffic coatings.


Just like any commercial painting or repair project, traffic and pedestrian coating projects are susceptible to drawbacks and challenges if there is not the proper preparation and attention to detail. Below we outline three of the most common obstacles for traffic coating projects.


  • Lack of Surface Preparation
    Traffic and pedestrian coatings are being applied to areas of high traffic like a parking garage, crossway, or breezeway. Without the proper surface preparation, your coating adhesion will suffer.
  • Delayed Cure Time & Adhesion Due to Moisture
    Proper surface preparation is crucial to preventing moisture migration through the substrate. Not only does this affect adhesion of the coating, it can delay curing time, extending project timelines.
  • Lack of Experience Repair Professionals
    Between horizontal concrete prep, application methods (see list below), effects of application temperatures, and even specific mixing instructions, seasoned repair professionals are required for your traffic coating project.  


There are three common methods for applying traffic coatings whether it’s for vehicles or for pedestrian traffic. While all three should be considered for your specific property, Our team knows it’s important to know the key differences. Those application types include brush, roller, and squeegee. 


  • Brush
    While the actual brush type depends on the product being applied, they are often used for small hard to reach areas like corners, behind railings or where the floor meets the wall. Our team knows that chip brushes work great for solvent based, acrylics and stains.
  • Roller
    While more efficient than using a brush, rollers come in many different sizes, shapes, and fibers types. It’s important to make sure you choose the correct roller size and type for applying certain products. Our team of coating experts is ready to find the right roller solution for your building.
  • Squeegee
    Taking coating application a step further than the roller, using a squeegee allows you to apply a large amount of product in a very efficient and even way. 

Ready to talk about the protection of your concrete structures? Reach out to one of our coating experts today or take a look at our full list of commercial painting and coating services here.

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