Wet Glazing

Sometimes you’re in need of a special sealant called wet glazing to keep finished materials securely attached to structural components, providing a great defense against unwanted water intrusions.

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Wet glazing refers to the use of specialized sealants that keep finished materials (metal, glass, etc.) securely attached to the structural components of your building. It works as a barrier for your building protecting it against the elements while preventing moisture and outside air from coming into your building. 


We understand how frustrating window leaks and unwanted moisture can be. Not only does it improve your window’s ability to prevent water penetration, it also protects from deterioration and can even help reduce glass movement. Talk to an experienced Renovia team member about how to defend your building against unwanted water intrusions.


With many different types of barriers to keep out the elements it can be confusing when to use wet glazing.  We also understand just how frustrating it is to find window leaks. When our customers come to us with the issue that “every time it rains we have water in our building”, you can assume that more than not, there are multiple issues taking place.


Our team of specialized professionals start by taking a look at the existing roof, trim cap & then windows. Through their assessment they can determine the most effective path forward for your project. Some of the most common issues that can be solved by wet glazing include: 


  • Visibly cracked or dried existing sealants
  • Excessive moisture inside your building due to lack of a proper seal 
  • Noticeable building drafts from windows/exit points

While wet glazing could be a potential solution for water intrusions, we offer a wide range of waterproofing and sealant solutions to protect your properties. Find our full list of services here, and start a conversation with a Renovia team member about your upcoming wet glazing or waterproofing project. 

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