Wood Relpacement

Wood rot is inevitable. Your beautiful siding has had a great run, we’re here to replace it and keep it beautiful.

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We Specialize in Wood Replacement

We’re here to help you understand the wear-and-tear that can happen to your exteriors. In particular the wear-and-tear on siding. Siding is needed to add an extra layer of protection from weather and moisture. Keeping up on siding and wood rot repairs is essential to your exterior’s health.

Wood Replacement Repair Services We Offer

Here are some reasons your siding may need to be replaced:

  • Missing caulking
  • Seeing pests, termites, and other insects
  • Nails that have popped out
  • Age and weather


The last few years, I’ve been relying heavily on Renovia for all my painting needs at assisted living facilities throughout the southeast. From their professionalism at every level to their consistent quality across multiple sites to their project management and execution — Renovia has been and will continue to be a trusted partner.

― Scott L., Assisted Living Regional Manager, National Healthcare Provider

Renovia completed both interior and exterior projects for us this past year. These projects were completed within the timeframe allotted and there were no issues in execution. Communication, service and execution exceeded our expectations. Based on their performance in our portfolio, I would highly recommend Renovia for consideration in a national paint program for retail establishments.

― Sara G. - Manager - National Retail Establishment

Renovia’s excellent communication and project management provided a hassle free experience for me and my tenants. Based on their reliability, workmanship and competitive pricing I can confidently recommend them as experts in their field.

― Nick B., General Manager, National Outlet Center