Wood Relpacement

Wood rot is inevitable. Your building’s siding had a great run, and we’re here to replace it and restore it to its original glory.

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Wood siding is the necessary layer of protection between your building and the elements like seasonal weather and moisture. Those external elements cause natural wear-and-tear to your exteriors every day. Keeping up-to-date on your siding and wood rot repairs is essential to the health of your exterior.

Reach out to our team of seasoned wood replacement experts today to talk about the needs at your property.



There are four key reasons why wood trim or siding would need to be replaced — dry rot, cracked/broken, split, and warped wood. Learn more about these common causes and how Renovia is here to provide predictable wood replacement solutions. 


  • Dry Rot
    Dry rot is wood decay caused by fungi, which can ruin any wooden structures. The fungi actually breaks down the wood under the layer of siding or trim, leaving it weakened and brittle. Our team will identify dry rot by simply using a screwdriver or visual, on-site assessment. The board may appear to be in good shape as the top side tends to hold together while the underside is failing and falling apart. 


  • Cracked/Broken
    Cracks can be minor surface level or they can penetrate all the way through the board. Cracking is caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood during seasons  — this often happens over long periods of time. Minor surface cracks can be taken care of with a simple compound. However, deep penetrating cracks will call for replacements. Our experts team will help you determine if the cracked or broken wood is something we can repair or if the wood needs to be replaced. 


  • Split or Large Seams
    Seams generally refer to the place where two pieces of wood come together. Large seams between wood can result in additional deterioration and is most likely caused by expansion and contraction. There are even times when seams are caused by poor installation and having butt ends too tight. Renovia’s team will be able to provide an assessment of your property to evaluate your wood repair or replacement needs


  • Warping
    Warping is defined as a deviation from flatness in timber as a result of stresses and uneven shrinkage. This often occurs when one side of the board is wet and the other is dry. Fun fact: Not all warped boards must be replaced. Our team will determine if the board is sound or the minor warped area could be re-nailed back in place. However, if the warped area is too extensive, attempting to flatten it could cause the board to crack so our team will replace it instead.


Is your building’s exterior suffering from one of these issues? Start a conversation with a Renovia team member today about your wood replacement needs or find a full list of our services here.

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