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The Need for Project Speed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayIndianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known for hosting some of the largest, most anticipated racing events each year. From the Brickyard 400 to the The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500, this legendary venue is recognized for high profile races and its speed. 

The same is true when it came to working with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) on a repaint project a month before race season kicked off. Gentlemen, start your engines! 

On the Clock at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

In June of 2020, Renovia was tasked with painting over 7 miles of a concrete wall that spanned the famous oval-shaped course. With the official start of race season trailing closely behind, there was only a month to complete this project and deliver a predictable outcome, fit for one of Indiana’s most well-known sporting venues.

“To my knowledge the painting of the track wall has never been outsourced; rather, our internal Painters have always been tasked with this annual project. Our timeline was incredibly tight due to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented.” – Pat Garlock, Assistant Manager, Facilities & Events 

When the customer reached out to one of our team members, David Baker, he knew that there would need to be flexibility to meet their deadline. With more than 12 years of experience in the painting industry, David oversees all of our regional accounts in the Midwest at Renovia. The clock was ticking at the IMS, and the team knew that an estimate would have to be turned quickly.  

“When the customer reached out there was concern around capacity for not only Renovia, but that anyone could complete this project within the timeframe they were expecting/needed.” – David Baker, Regional Sales Manager, Renovia

Consistent Communication & Precise Execution 

At Renovia, project planning and scheduling is vitally important. Planning out the precise timing of a project includes scheduling the amount of manpower needed to complete the task at hand. With this specific project, there was less wiggle room on the schedule, so preparation was critical to our success. Taking extra time to plan out crew schedules and working hours were necessary. 

“We [the Indianapolis Motor Speedway] needed a contractor who could be on-time and on-budget. Renovia impressed us during another project at our facility (painting of rusted handrails). Ultimately, they were able to provide a large enough crew to meet our project deadline, so the race track would be ready for our first marquee event (Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400).” – Pat Garlock, Assistant Manager, Facilities & Events

The key to delivering a predictable outcome on this project was moving quickly and precisely while staying in constant communication with our client contact and the greater Renovia team. This also included navigating around other crews and various track events. Throughout the project, the team was constantly evaluating whether the project was on time, late, or ahead of plan.

While there were no set phone calls or check-ins, this project was unique because of the open communication lines on both ends. There was an understanding that whenever Renovia needed the team at the IMS, they could be reached immediately. It was all hands on deck to finish this project in such a tight window of time. Thankfully, groundskeepers and staff from IMS were around often so face to face communication was also an option most days.

Bringing the Project to Victory Lane

At Renovia, predictable, high-quality outcomes are how we measure success. The project at the IMS was finished on-time, on-budget, and the track looked great for race day. Every client and project is unique, so the entire Renovia team understands the need for flexibility, especially with tight deadlines or particularly difficult painting projects. 

“Our biggest concern was making sure their crew understood the process and importance of the historic 2.5-mile oval. The track wall had to be “Penske Perfect” and we were pleased with the results. Their Project Manager was accessible and on-site which made it easier for them to meet the expectations of our scope of work. This project was a success because of their attention-to-detail, communication, and quality of work. We look forward to partnering with Renovia on future projects at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.” – Pat Garlock, Assistant Manager, Facilities & Events

Do you have more questions about our project with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or would you like to discuss getting your own project kicked off? Reach out to the Renovia team today. You can also learn more about our Indianapolis office and the full list of services Renovia provides customers throughout the Midwest.

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