Creating a Painting Plan for Your Condo Association

Renovia | Condo Association Painting PlanRenovia | Condo Association Painting Plan

Having a Plan is Important

Large scale painting for condo associations is a project best performed by a professional and experienced crew that has a great track record for handling large painting projects. Improper planning could make an association’s painting project both costly and time-consuming. Two of the most important questions you need to ask first are:

  • Why are you painting? A painting project is an asset to the association because it not only provides an aesthetic appeal but it enhances the owner’s living experience and increases or maintains the property value.
  • When will you paint? The paint film loses elasticity with time and this means painting should be done before any signs of deterioration. Painting must be done on a regular schedule to avoid unnecessary costs in the long run.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

There are things that should be considered, like:

Aesthetics- The color has to look good and should work well with the environment of the property i.e. the brick, the landscaping, roof color and stone work.

Temperature and Lighting – There are certain guidelines you can follow on your painting plan for exterior colors, which are:

  • Pigments qualityConsider tinting pigments that are best for exterior exposure that will protect the property from UV radiation and help preserve the valuable asset.
  • Light vs. Dark Light colors like tan or different shades of white reduce temperature while dark colors like reds or blues absorb heat.
  • Temperature- The climate of the condominium location could affect the performance of the coating so a high-quality coating is best.

Types of finish- You should consider the sheen when choosing the finish. Low sheen gives a great appearance and you can go with elastomeric coatings for the association. Waterproofing should be considered as well so as to protect the structure of the property.

Professional assistance To simplify the process, you could hire a professional color consultant. You can ask for the color mock-up just to see what it looks like before making a decision. The color is best chosen before everything else, even the painting contractor for better painting specifications.

The Paint Specifications

The specifications should provide detailed information, product guidelines and recommendations for the property. This will be the reference tool for the association, the managers, and the contractors. The contractors will be bidding on the same kind of products. The specifications should be created by an expert that is familiar with the project and has done a thorough inspection. It needs to include:

  • The paint product line
  • The specific primers
  • The topcoat gloss

Other Work to Consider

Remember to include any other work you need done in both your bid requests and your contractor job walk. Are you needing areas waterproofed or caulked and sealed? While you are having painting done, should you look at repairing or replacing wood trim or siding ? Does an area of concrete, stucco, or EIFS need attention? Would it make sense to have someone pressure wash areas not being painted to ensure your entire location looks its best at the same time the painting project is being completed?


Now is the time to make these job scope considerations to not only be certain your property looks great, but also to be sure the professionals hired are able to offer all of the services you need. Avoid covering bad areas with new finish and be sure to include all of your needs to ensure all bidding parties are able to offer these services and quote your job accordingly.

Hiring the Contractor

Invite at least three contractors to bid for the project. Do a professional job walk to ensure they understand what they are up against, go through the proposals they present then hire the best one.

If all these considerations are met then the process will be smooth and stress-free.


For more information, download our Condo Association’s Legal Guide to Choosing Contractors.

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