How to Ensure a Smooth Condo Painting Project

Renovia | Condo Painting Project PlanRenovia | Condo Painting Project Plan

Checklist for a Smooth Condo Painting Project

Condo associations often consist of owners with different behaviors and personalities. Therefore, implementing large-scale projects such as a painting plan for all the units involved can be a challenging process. At the same time, it is necessary to keep up with the maintenance of the condos for the good of the entire association.

So how do you get to create and implement a painting plan that works for your condo association?

Involve all the Owners

The most important step as you get started is to involve all the unit owners in the painting process. Let them know in good time what the plans for the association are and provide a clear timeline for implementation. You should also involve them in the process of selecting colors, the contractor, and any additional services that may be necessary.

In addition to the painting, the condo may also need pressure washing for inside and outside walls, concrete repairs to outdoor areas and sidewalks, and the application of caulking and sealants to common buildings such as clubhouses. Take the time to consider the need for these services as well.

Research the Paint Manufacturer before the Contractor

Once you have the goodwill of all the owners and the board, you can proceed to seek out who can do the painting job effectively. You should first begin with researching the paint manufacturer. Seek out manufacturer referrals from colleagues, partners or industry experts.

Once you have established a relationship with the manufacturer, you can begin to seek out a contractorto carry out the painting job. Along with painting, you may also want a contractor who can carry out waterproofing as well as wood and siding replacement to affected surfaces. Once again, looking for referrals can help you find a good contractor.

Additional Services

Good contractors also offer pressure washing and concrete repairs along with the painting job in order to prepare the surfaces for a long-lasting coating. If your outside walls are facing leakages both of air and water, you may want to add sealing, waterproofing, and caulking along with the paint job for a completed look.

In many instances, painting in and of itself may not be enough to restore the look of the entire property. Consider these additional services that go hand-in-hand with painting and try to get a good package deal.

Agree on the Contract

The contract is the most important part of the painting job. Having selected the contractor, make sure your contract stipulates the scope of the job, timelines for beginning and completion, as well as the paint and other products to be used. If you have agreed with the contractor to include EIFS and Stucco along with the painting job, make sure you have the service included in the contract as well.

In conclusion, the most important step towards creating a painting plan for your condo association involves keeping all unit owners closely engaged throughout the entire process, and seeking out contractors who offer additional services that can complement the painting job.


Download the Condo Association’s Guide to Making Color Selections to learn more!

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