Give a positive visual experience for your shoppers. We will assist by providing coatings and repair services for national retail properties of any size.

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Why National Retailers Trust Renovia

Your customers have expectations. As a facility maintenance professional, you are responsible for the upkeep that continues to deliver a positive customer shopping experience. Maintenance projects like building restoration and painting are just an aspect of your management responsibilities. Staying current with every building can seem like an impossible task.


Renovia provides services to alleviate the pressure you can experience if you’re feeling spread too thin. With our thorough project management and quality control processes, retail-specific training, and detailed invoicing, we meet or exceed the expectations that resonate with you and your customers.


We understand the impact these projects can have on customer experience. You need to minimize disruption to customers while also protecting your company assets. Our teams work strategically to ensure minimal impact on customers while maintaining a positive consumer experience.

Because of their professionalism, quality, and project management, Renovia will continue to be a trusted partner.

― Scott L., Assisted Living Regional Manager, National Healthcare Provider

I would highly recommend Renovia for consideration in a national paint program for retail establishments.

― Sara G. - Manager - National Retail Establishment

Renovia’s excellent communication and project management provided a hassle-free experience for me and my tenants.

― Nick B., General Manager, National Outlet Center