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Paying It Forward In 2022

Every year our team of Renovians and our customers rally together to give back to organizations in the communities where live, work, and thrive. Participating in this generosity isn’t just something we do to check a box, we do it because we know we’re called to do something bigger than ourselves. 

This year, alongside our customers, our 3rd Annual Pay It Forward Program resulted in donations to 30 organizations. These included many local animal shelters, charities, educational programs, and nonprofits. Here you can see a visual breakdown of what types of organizations prominently recurred among our customers:

Our entire team was thrilled with the outcome of our 2022 Pay It Forward program and we truly cannot wait to see what is possible next year. With our relentless pursuit to serve others and the world around us, there is no doubt that we will continue to make positive ripples and expand our reach in the future. 

Thank you to all the amazing customers who chose to participate and give alongside us this year. You truly helped make this possible, and we can’t wait to give again with you next year!


Want to know more about our Pay It Forward Program?

If you’re interested in giving alongside us in 2023 or have questions about our program, connect with us today!


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