Be a Light

Wing Wall Preaches Love Over Hate and Jesus Over Everything

Renovia Wing Wall, July 2020

Our most current wing wall mural facing I-465 in Indianapolis highlights the growth we hope to see in ourselves, our community, and our country during this time of division and uncertainty. The words painted on the mural are the words of Antonio Patton, Community, and Youth Leader, they read, “Love over hate, light over darkness, unity over division, faith over fear, Jesus over everything.” These words were whispered from God to Antonio during the riots and destruction that recently occurred in downtown Indianapolis.

When talking further with Antonio about the painted words, he referred to how much bravery it takes to be a true hero. After the riots, Antonio put together a group of teens to help clean up the vandalism that took place downtown. He was teaching them firsthand the power of his words and the positive impact of unity lived out.

The Impact on Renovia

The words Antonio spoke made a life-changing impact on our president, Matt Rolfsen. When Matt heard the phrase, he knew Renovia needed to highlight them. What better way to feature them than on our wing wall?

When Matt was asked what he hopes the community gains from seeing the mural, he said, “I hope it causes, a moment of pause for people to think and engage in one another. To ask questions, to learn, and say thank you to our first responders for sacrificing their lives.” His hope is that people, “continue to educate, listen, and fight for social and racial injustice in all communities across the U.S.”

We hope our wing wall inspires you to continuously educate and foster your own personal growth, as well as fight for injustice.

To learn more about our wing wall and Matt and Antonio, click here.



“When something is on fire, no one is braver than the people who go headfirst and fight that fire.

Our first responders are fighting the fire,

Our teachers are fighting the fire,

Renovia will fight that fire,

I will fight that fire,

Please, neighbors, help us fight that fire.


The fire of injustice, systemic racism, and bigotry.” – Antonio Patton


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