By definition, dryfall painting is designed to spray onto surfaces, dry quickly, and prevent overspray damage that can be caused by other painting solutions.

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Surface protection is very important for our customers. We understand how expensive it can become when a product is sprayed upwards and high misting or spray can travel through indoor air currents. Dryfall painting is a great way to reduce the risk of property damage due to overspray.


Dryfall painting is developed with special additives so the paint droplets dry rapidly, like when falling more than 8 feet. When used on the underside of ceilings or roofs, the paint is applied, dries as it falls, and is cleaned before harming any of the property below. Traditional spray painting can ruin surfaces if not properly contained by the painting team. 


The experts at Renovia have decades of experience, so they know exactly how to cover surfaces and property below the spray zone. The property must be heavily tarped off and protected through containment systems during the life of the dryfall project.


We understand that every project is unique, and our team is careful to assess each situation before recommending the ideal painting solution. Below we’ve outlined some of the key benefits to using dryfall painting at your property or building. 


  • Efficient Painting
    While using a roller also mitigates risk of property damage, it can be incredibly inefficient when trying to cover large spaces like a full facility ceiling. Dryfall is quick to apply, quick to dry, and you are able to cover a large area much quicker than rolling.
  • Product Flexibility
    Dryfall is available in a number of different finishes and applications based on your need. There are also a variety of interior or exterior dryfall painting solutions available. The experts at Renovia will help you assess your needs and find the application option best suited to your project.
  • Ease of Clean Up
    By nature, dryfall paint is extremely easy to clean, but your painting partner still needs to understand the importance of preparation as no solution is 100% full-proof. We work with crews that know exactly how to cover and prep surfaces that may be in the fall zone. 


Even with the time efficiencies that come with dryfall painting, there are still some key challenges to consider when it comes to operational scheduling for your project. 


  • How long are you shut down?
    There is downtime for any paint project, and when an entire ceiling needs painted shut downtimes can be overlooked. It’s important to have a partner that is transparent about downtime so that your business doesn’t miss a beat.
  • How far will paint travel?
    Another thing customers can underestimate is the ability for sprayed paint that is missed to 
  • travel further than they expect. Having a partner with a good understanding of dryfall coverage will help keep your painting outcomes predictable.
  • What areas are you covering?
    Dryfall is all about reducing overspray and minimizing the risk of damage. Open communication with your dryfall painting contractor will help them better understand your building and what needs to be protected at each point of the project.
  • How long does it take to mask off the fall zone?
    If there is only a window of a few hours to complete dryfall painting work, another scheduling challenge is the time it takes to actually cover and mask off the fall zone. This needs to be baked into the operational schedule so that no project deadlines are missed. 


Are you looking for dryfall painting services? The team of professionals at Renovia are ready to take your call and provide a free quote! We also have a wide range of commercial painting and coating services that could help your property today.

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― Sara G. - Manager - National Retail Establishment

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