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Staying On Rhythm in Downtown Nashville

Rhythm Condo ComplexRhythm Condo Complex

Rhythm at Music Row is a fully occupied, high-end condominium complex located center stage in downtown Nashville. Just walking out the doors, it’s residents find themselves in a world of music, fine art, dining and entertainment.

The building itself had not been painted since its original construction, so it was due for a fresh coat. Outside of painting the building, the stucco on the envelope was in need of repairs. There was a chorus of updates needed at the Rhythm, and our Nashville Branch Office was up for the task.

An Ensemble of Moving Pieces

The real challenge for our team on this project was building out an efficient schedule that provided  as little disruption as possible for residents as they continued to enjoy their upscale living space in downtown Nashville. We pride ourselves on developing cohesive, effective plans that keep us on track without disrupting our customer’s main priority – the residents.

The Rhythm’s building is a high-rise overlooking the busy entertainment district in the middle of a popular travel destination. Resident and pedestrian safety was also top of mind as we worked to build safe landing areas that aligned directly with our project schedule.

Finding Harmony With Our Client

These ongoing project challenges were solved with open, direct dialogue between our Nashville team, the customer, and all crews involved with the project. It was our responsibility to maintain strong, open lines of communication with The Rhythm’s property manager to ensure we were providing as few disruptions as possible to the residents.

A great example of that communication came when we had to land one of our stages next to the building, the landing area was in a parking lot that was not owned by The Rhythm. The Rhythm was essentially sandwiched and managed between two local parking lots.

We had to work with that company at the onset of the project, providing our client, The Rhythm, with accurate pricing for covering some of their spaces for the duration of the project. It was our job to then work with the parking lot owners to negotiate the final price and bring them into our production schedule, so they knew exactly how long we would be on-site, utilizing their parking spaces.

Pitch Perfect Project Results


Through consistent, direct communication and a firm schedule, our Nashville team was able to deliver a pitch perfect project for all parties involved. The Property Manager at The Rhythm was pleased not only with the quality of work and service, but we were able to deliver a building that truly shines on the Nashville skyline.

“Renovia recently completed a significant project for us at Rhythm at Music Row. The project included a refresh to our exterior to include painting and repairs to our stucco. Renovia and their team members were very detail oriented. They communicated well with our team, as well as residents they encountered. They quickly resolved any issues with staging during the project. We chose Renovia due to the great success of an interior project just two years prior. We are more than thrilled with the outcome Renovia provided. Their work truly stands out in the Nashville market.” – Michael Hagewood, First Service Residential 

Do you have any questions about our project in downtown Nashville with The Rhythm? Or would you like to discuss getting your own project kicked off? Reach out to the Renovia team today. You can also learn more about our Nashville Branch Office and the full list of services Renovia provides customers throughout the Mid-South.

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