Growing Commercial Painting Company Announces New Baltimore/D.C. Office Location

Picture is of Baltimore SkylinePicture is of Baltimore Skyline

With explosive growth of 56% YOY, Renovia announces the opening of an office in Baltimore/D.C. to better support growth and operations in the east.

Baltimore, MD (September 12, 2022)—Renovia announced today that they are opening a new branch office in the Baltimore/D.C. area. Serving customers throughout the east for decades, Renovia is proud to become a permanent part of the community and its loyal customers across the region.

“We’ve been working in and around many of the cities up and down the East Coast for years now. This move was prompted largely in part to demand from our existing customer base that has continued to grow their portfolios in this specific region of the country,” said Chris Hall, Vice President of Sales at Renovia. “To be able to position our team in closer proximity to the work we’re conducting only allows for a more seamless level of execution and increased customer experience. When surveying the landscape of our industry throughout this area, placing an office in the Baltimore/D.C. region made perfect sense given the rapid growth in the multi-family, industrial, warehousing, and storage industries respectively.” Hall commented.

Two of the most important factors in deciding to expand into the East Coast are for Renovia to better serve its customers and invest in the community where they work. “As we march across the country, we are going to deliver through our unified front as a culture and be able to control distribution so our customers will get a consistent experience,” said Matt Rolfsen, President of Renovia. “We have been working on the east coast for over a decade and couldn’t be more excited about establishing roots in the Baltimore/D.C. area. We align all aspects of our business to our mission, vision, and values, and it’s these beliefs that will positively impact the communities we move into.” Rolfsen added. 

Renovia seeks to better serve its customers in the east by continuing its partnerships at a local level. “Throughout our work on the East Coast and across the country, we have been able to partner with Sherwin Williams to ensure our customers get predictable, consistent, and high-quality outcomes no matter the location of their building asset,” said Brett Williams, Executive Vice President of Operations at Renovia. Gary Campbell, Vice President of Sales at Sherwin Williams went on to say, “Sherwin Williams has enjoyed a partnership with the team at Renovia for over 20 years. To witness them expand into the East Coast and specifically the ‘Capitol Region’, is galvanizing for our industry and the local community. We have appreciated what they have been able to do in countless other areas around the country and our industry-leading team of associates is thrilled to continue partnering with them at a local level.”

The new location will not only allow Renovia to further expand its growth but also its culture. “At its core, Renovia exists to be a light, and without that purpose, there would be no reason for us to exist.” Rolfsen said. 

As Renovia becomes part of the local community, they hope to work with and serve philanthropic organizations. “At Renovia, we redefine what it means to be a commercial painting company with our desire to make a greater impact on the world through philanthropy. As we expand, we are eager to find new philanthropic organizations to partner with, and we are sure that the Baltimore/D.C. area will provide us with new opportunities to serve,” shared Rolfsen. Other philanthropic organizations they have worked with across the country include the RHCA (Regional Hispanic Contractors Association), YMCA of Myrtle Beach, Shepherd Community Center, Feeding Tampa Bay, Homes of Hope, Gleaners Food Bank, Tucker’s House, and Amelia’s Closet just to name a few. 

As we join the Baltimore/D.C. community, our team is looking for non-profit organizations to partner with for future philanthropic efforts. If you are part of an organization or know of an organization that might be a good fit, please contact Ashley Paramoure at 317-966-0240 or, or visit


Specializing in commercial painting, coatings, and repairs, Renovia is dedicated to providing its customers with predictable services and outcomes across the US. Renovia exists to be a light in the communities where they live and work and around the world. Renovia does this by practicing continuous improvement, always serving each other and their clients first, and never compromising for any reason.

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