More Than A Business: How Renovia invests in relationships

Picture is of Renovia team at the 2022 Mid-Year Dallas Retreat.Picture is of Renovia team at the 2022 Mid-Year Dallas Retreat.

At Renovia, we’re focused on relationships, our core values, and building a culture that is second to none. 

Our team bonded and explored these while together at our 2022 Mid-Year Retreat in Dallas, TX. The retreat was full of meaningful conversations about work, life, and growth, as well as our first company Olympics. 

Since our retreat was an employee-only event, we wanted to give you an inside look at some key takeaways.


Building relationships is at the core of who we are

Building relationships is at the core of who we are because Renovia means relationships. We strive to provide opportunities for our employees to build partnerships, collaborate, and lean on each other for the benefit of our customers. We understand that taking the time to have company-wide retreats and conversations is essential for teammates to want to work together and go the extra mile. There’s just something truly special about fostering an inclusive culture and environment where employees feel comfortable with one another. 


“We do life together – I would venture to say of the 80 people in that room, 70 of them know my wife and kids” 

Jeremy Wiley


Living to work – Not “all” business

Our leadership team recognized the importance of a healthy work-life balance and that providing people with the opportunity to recharge produces better results. But at Renovia, we take this a step further by providing opportunities for our employees to refresh and recharge together through culture building and community. 

While at our 2022 Mid-Year Retreat in Dallas, TX, our team engaged in our very first company-wide Olympics, shared meals, and intentional conversations. It was so special to see everyone together and having a great time.


Growth & Connection

With Renovia experiencing exponential growth in recent years, our team has rapidly expanded and continues to grow. This makes it even more critical for our employees to feel connected to each other and enjoy a sense of community no matter where they are. That’s why our leadership team is so passionate about our company retreats and the opportunities they provide for our team to engage with each other. 


“Everyone at this company believes in the same mission, is willing to go above and beyond for Renovia, and it’s like a family; this is why Renovia does things like the company retreat to congratulate everyone on their success and to bring everyone from different branches together.

All the teammates I met were so welcoming and it was nice to meet people who I don’t see on a daily basis.”

Leonard Love


Vision & Goals

Together, our team shares one vision and common goals. We share one vision to redefine what it means to be a commercial painting contractor with our desire to make a greater impact on the world. All of us believe everyone deserves a different type of experience from a painting contractor. 

We are people first and our processes are predictable and scalable. We interact and communicate with our employees, customers, and contractors with intentionality and respect. All of which can be seen in our systematic communication and philanthropic dedication to being a light in the communities where we live and work.


Our core values also guide us in everything we do:


We anticipate situations and lead proactively because we are always looking ahead. As a team, we stretch ourselves to step out of our comfort zones. We encourage and enable each other to come up with innovative solutions.

We are never complacent; there is always a way to improve what we do and we push each other to reach our full potential.


Serve First

We strive to foster an environment that celebrates our differences as strengths, not weaknesses.

Our team knows that we will accomplish amazing things if we do not care who gets the credit. We are made up of individuals who strive to accomplish our goals while supporting others’ goals with humility and purpose.


Uncompromised Character

We deliver on our commitments ‌every time because our words represent ourselves, our brand and our team. With every project, we set proper expectations; we own our mistakes, and we follow through with effective communication with both our teammates and our clients.

We make the right decision even when no one else will know because we pride ourselves on our character. We set ourselves apart by doing what is right, which is not always easy, and following through with decisions long after the emotion of making a decision has passed.

We deal with conflict directly to improve relationships and support healthy relationships by creating an environment where conflict resolution is an opportunity to improve a relationship, not hinder it.


We Don’t Tolerate

Gossip, entitlement, or avoidance of accountability. We respect each other and empower each other’s constant personal improvement without letting egos get in our way. We respect individuals who take ownership of their mistakes.


Interested in joining the Renovia team?

If you’re interested in joining the Renovia Team, we’d love for you to check out all of our open positions.

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