Branding Your Storage: How to stand out after an acquisition

Image is of paint in a bucket being mixed before painting.Image is of paint in a bucket being mixed before painting.

Branding is essential for creating a memorable brand experience for your storage customers. Whether they’re stopping by to pick something up from their unit or just passing by, having a consistent brand look can elevate your storage facilities nationally and locally.


The Importance of Color

From selection to maintenance, color is critical to branding storage facilities. Vibrant colors are common and work well in the storage space because of their ability to stand out, draw attention, and be recognizable. By using eye-catching colors, you can set the foundation for a memorable brand experience every time someone is on-site or passing by. This can be especially critical after an acquisition because you want to showcase your brand to current and potential customers, not the existing brand that operated there previously. Additionally, having vibrant and maintained paint colors on-site can help your brand stand out as a clean and safe space to store items.


Examining the existing storage facilities buildings and roll doors is also important because their condition may influence the longevity of your paint. For example, older roll doors may only be able to hold so much paint and could fade faster. So, you may want to make updates prior to painting or make a plan for how to relocate specific roll doors throughout your facility.


Learn more about selecting storage colors


Post-Acquisition Branding Checklist

When branding your storage facility after an acquisition, it’s important to consider many factors. Here is a checklist you can use after your next acquisition:

  • Evaluate the well-being of the existing buildings and roll doors before your project
  • Consult with a trusted partner if you aren’t sure what the existing space needs
  • Make any necessary updates to the facility prior to rebranding
  • Select and use the right colors that bring your brand to life
  • Seek an experienced partner who delivers impeccable outcomes to storage facilities
  • Find a contractor who will work around your tenants and protect their belongings
  • Consider working with someone who has specialized storage crews


Why Work With Renovia

At Renovia, we have a dedicated National Accounts Storage Team and crews that only paint and repair within the storage space. We understand the importance of working around tenants, protecting their belongings, and accommodating their needs. That’s why our team works with you to identify individualized plans that work for your facility. 


To learn more about everything we can offer your storage facility, connect with a member of our team today!


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