Roll Door Painting: The 5 step process you need

Image is of someone using a sprayer to paint a storage facility roll door.Image is of someone using a sprayer to paint a storage facility roll door.

Painting your storage facility’s roll doors requires skill and attention to detail, and at Renovia, we’re dedicated to addressing your unique needs to ensure you get the predictable outcomes you need. That’s why we use our 5-Step Roll Door-Ready Process with every facility we paint. 

Our team would like to share the 5 steps we use and how they can help you get the most out of your roll doors.


1. Protection

Our goal is always to help ensure your customers’ belongings are protected throughout each project stage. That’s why we send out rolls of plastic 2 weeks prior to starting work at your facility. This allows you the chance to provide protective plastic to your customers so they can cover their belongings in their unit. By having this, there is another layer of protection to ensure belongings will be safe.


2. Scuffing

In most cases, storage roll doors have a slick and almost glossy surface. While this may look nice, it’s important to make sure the doors have a more rigid surface prior to pressure washing. So, our team uses Scotch Brite Brushes to scuff up the doors and create a more rigid surface.


3. Pressure Washing

When pressure washing, we use a light detergent to clean the roll doors from dirt and debris. Using a light detergent, rather than a harsh detergent, is important to ensure the cleaning chemicals will not actually damage the existing doors. Additionally, our team always washes towards the center of the roll doors because we want to make sure we’re protecting items in the storage units from any potential damages.


4. Priming

Once the roll doors have been scuffed and pressure washed, our team uses a thin mil high adhesion metal primer. We then allow these to sit for 24 hours on the storage doors to ensure the chemical aspects have been absorbed prior to painting. Waiting the right amount of time before painting is critical because otherwise, the applied paint may not last as long. 

Note: Although priming can help give your paint more longevity, the actual condition of your roll doors can also be a factor. That’s why it’s important to examine their condition prior to beginning your project.


5. Painting

After our team has properly prepped and primed the roll doors, our final step is applying a two-part high gloss urethane finish. We apply this topcoat using small airless spray pumps equipped with fine finish tips to make sure the finish is a slick mirror-like finish on all of your roll doors.

Note: The specific needs of your storage facility’s roll doors, may influence the colors and coating products we use.


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