Roll Doors: Why they can be your biggest pitfall and how to prevent this

Image is of storage facility unit roll doors.Image is of storage facility unit roll doors.

At Renovia, we know that each commercial industry is different. That’s why our team uses unique processes, like our unique 5-Step Roll Door Process, to address the individual needs of our customers. 

With our extensive experience working with storage facilities, our team has seen and knows that your roll doors can be your biggest project pitfall if not handled properly. We’d like to share why these can be your biggest challenges and offer you some actionable tips to help prevent them from being an issue at your facility.


What Can Go Wrong With Your Roll Doors

Prior to painting or repainting your roll doors, it’s essential to know the condition of all the roll doors in your storage facility. Specifically, if your roll doors are older or have sustained damage over time, newly applied paint may not adhere as well to their surface. This can then lead to the need to repaint your roll doors more frequently. 

Additionally, there are techniques that can help optimize your roll doors to last longer. Whether it’s the preparation, application, or finishing processes, more attention to detail taken at each step can make a difference long term. Without focusing on these nuances, you may also experience the need to repaint your roll doors more frequently.


Actionable Tips To Prevent Pitfalls

Here are some actionable tips from our team to help you prevent roll door pitfalls from happening during your facility’s next project:

  • Evaluate your roll doors before starting your bidding process and project
  • Consult with a trusted industry professional if you’re unsure about the condition
  • Reference any historical data pertaining to the maintenance of your roll doors
  • Budget and plan for your project ahead of time
  • Ask potential contractors what their process is for painting roll doors
  • See if potential contractors can share examples of previous projects
  • Request references from other storage companies who’ve used them previously
  • Be careful with the products you use to clean or shine up your roll doors
    • Stay away from products like Pledge, Wd-40, Siliconized Cleaners, and Lubricants


Interested in working with Renovia for your storage facility’s next project?

At Renovia, we have a dedicated national accounts storage team and we have dedicated crews that only paint storage facilities, so they understand the nuances needed to execute your project the right way. 

If you’re interested in working with our team for your next project, connect with us today!


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