How to Match Your Building to Your Brand

Brightly colored outdoor painting of a local business | Brand | RenoviaBrightly colored outdoor painting of a local business | Brand | Renovia

It has been said that image is everything. First impressions are key in business. Whether it is a brick and mortar store in a shopping center, an apartment complex, or a high rise hotel overlooking the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean.

When a potential customer walks up to your building, what do they think? Are they impressed, skeptical, eager, or left with a waning feeling they made a mistake stopping into your place of business. Often times, businesses will make great efforts to brand their company in all sorts of marketing efforts including print, online, and additionally on TV or radio.

Renovia’s years of experience and leadership equips them to create an eye-catching first impression as potential customers pass by your business.

Choosing The Colors

First, know your audience. Do you have a specific demographic which frequents your business? Do you live in a specific area of the country or a city which has different themes? These are a few questions you will want to speak with your commercial painting company when making these decisions.

You will want to be noticed and if you are a company making a statement in your community, ask an expert what will work best. This may save you time and money when designing and painting your building.

Make sure your color choice matches the character of your company, team, goals, and values. Speaking with experts can help ensure all aspects of your company are considered when choosing the colors. This will help teach you how to match your building to your brand.

Chain or Independent Business

Whether you are a chain location or independent business will have great impact on the branding of your building. Often times as a chain, everything is already set up and picked out for you as a franchisee. If there is an opportunity to be creative, this is where you want to bring your flavor into the mix.

As an independent business, you have the freedom to create an original and authentic feel for your business. You have the opportunity to be bold, daring and innovative in your building’s brand. Our commercial painting team will work with you to make sure there isn’t a repetitive message seen in every aspect of your business.

Creating an exterior to complement the interior will keep the story moving for customers who are visiting to make a purchase.

Stop Them In Their Tracks

A building branded with thought, creativity, and innovation will do several things for your business. Whether a customer drives, walks or rides a bicycle past your place of business, your brand needs to be memorable.

Memorable is where we start and solutions are what we want to provide. When a person travels by your office, they should be aware of your solution to fit a need they have in their life. At times you will need to speak to them without words and a properly branded building will help accomplish this goal.

Does your brand have something you feel stands out amongst the competition? Do you have the Nike Swoosh of your industry? Your buildings brand needs to have a strategic placement of your logo, company slogan or other signs.

Teaming up your team’s creativity with Renovia industry experts can move your business ahead of the competition and keep your service or products top of mind for those around your community. Get people talking with a well branded building by bringing it back to life.

At Renovia, we implement core values in every job for every client. We focus on serving first while making sure clients get treated the way they would want to be treated themselves. They listen intently and focus on what will be and has been accomplished rather than taking credit for a job or accomplishment.

If you are stuck and know you need a rebranded office space, complex remodel, and paint refresh it’s time to pick up the phone or get online. We are open, honest and direct in answering all of your questions so contact us today. We would love the opportunity to speak with you, if only to answer your questions.

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