We Exist to Be A Light

Being a light is not about us. It’s not for our glory. It’s an opportunity – a calling – to expose people to something they are unfamiliar with and remove the barriers between people and Jesus.

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Why We Exist

Since Renovia was founded in 1999, a focus of the company has always been to be an inspirational light for others, including our clients, partners and ourselves. We believe that giving back and helping others is a way to serve other people and our own souls. Because of this, since 2013, we have been volunteering with organizations such as Youth With A Mission – Homes for Hope, Million Meal Movement, Back2Back Ministries, and dozens of others.


At Renovia, we are working to create a vision for hope, centered around God, that ripples throughout our company and – we hope – throughout our clients and partners, too. Our goal is to get people outside of their comfort zones in order to embrace what it is God may be offering to them. Doing this, we believe, can have an immeasurable impact on someone’s life. By embracing service focused on the Lord within our company, we hope other organizations will follow suit, again, like a ripple effect. During these mission trips, some of our own team members have committed their lives to Jesus. And certainly, all have been impacted in a long-term way by what we’ve accomplished.