Commercial Property

Ensure the longevity of your property.

Retail strip centers can rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Today’s hot property may have been yesterday’s undesirable location. A warehouse can quickly display the results of harsh weather or neglect.

Setting your commercial property apart from the competition — and making sure it stands the test of time — requires proactive planning and a finger on the pulse of what customers, and the general public, find appealing.

Your retail tenants want space that’s not just budget-friendly, but has the exterior appeal to draw in customers. Warehouse managers want a services and painting vendor that can refresh their industrial complex while not interfering with daily operations.

You want timely, qual­ity work and processes that ensure your project is man­aged with transparent, proactive communication.

  • Ren­ovia sends out notices in advance to all ten­ants to inform them of the work to be done on their build­ing, the project sched­ule, and who they can con­tact for more information.
  • Based on customer preference, we send out ongoing updates, to keep everyone informed. Our updates include the num­ber of peo­ple on site that day, the per­cent of goals reached to date, accom­plish­ments of the week, pro­jected date the work will be fin­ished, and pic­tures with high­lighted details of accom­plish­ments.
  • We intro­duce our on-site super­vi­sor and the site man­ager, so that all ten­ants know who to approach with ques­tions and concerns.
EIFS repair Wood replacement Color matching and con­sult­ing Application of epoxy & erethane floor coatings
Caulk­ing Drywall repair Interior and exterior painting Waterproofing

“Renovia completed our stadium re-image project during 2015 and 2016 for Nissan Stadium [in Nashville]. Renovia walked us through every step in the process to be sure we were comfortable with all processes. When driving into town, Renovia has literally changed the skyline view of Nashville. After completing the re-image project, and numerous other projects, we would recommend Renovia to those seeking a trustworthy partner in their painting projects”

– Bob Flynn, VP Facilities and Game Day Operations, Nissan Stadium

Mike Ley | Renovia

Mike began working with Renovia in 2016 and brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the contractor painting industry. He works with property managers in the company’s Commercial Properties market segment.