Commercial Property

Ensure the longevi­ty of your prop­er­ty.

Retail strip cen­ters can rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Today’s hot prop­er­ty may have been yesterday’s unde­sir­able loca­tion. A ware­house can quick­ly dis­play the results of harsh weath­er or neglect.

Set­ting your com­mer­cial prop­er­ty apart from the com­pe­ti­tion — and mak­ing sure it stands the test of time — requires proac­tive plan­ning and a fin­ger on the pulse of what cus­tomers, and the gen­er­al pub­lic, find appeal­ing.

Your retail ten­ants want space that’s not just bud­get-friend­ly, but has the exte­ri­or appeal to draw in cus­tomers. Ware­house man­agers want a ser­vices and paint­ing ven­dor that can refresh their indus­tri­al com­plex while not inter­fer­ing with dai­ly oper­a­tions.

You want time­ly, qual­ity work and process­es that ensure your project is man­aged with trans­par­ent, proac­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

  • Ren­ovia sends out notices in advance to all ten­ants to inform them of the work to be done on their build­ing, the project sched­ule, and who they can con­tact for more infor­ma­tion.
  • Based on cus­tomer pref­er­ence, we send out ongo­ing updates, to keep every­one informed. Our updates include the num­ber of peo­ple on site that day, the per­cent of goals reached to date, accom­plish­ments of the week, pro­jected date the work will be fin­ished, and pic­tures with high­lighted details of accom­plish­ments.
  • We intro­duce our on-site super­vi­sor and the site man­ager, so that all ten­ants know who to approach with ques­tions and con­cerns.
EIFS repair Wood replace­ment Col­or match­ing and con­sult­ing Appli­ca­tion of epoxy & erethane floor coat­ings
Caulk­ing Dry­wall repair Inte­ri­or and exte­ri­or paint­ing Water­proof­ing

Ren­ovia com­plet­ed our sta­di­um re-image project dur­ing 2015 and 2016 for Nis­san Sta­di­um [in Nashville]. Ren­ovia walked us through every step in the process to be sure we were com­fort­able with all process­es. When dri­ving into town, Ren­ovia has lit­er­al­ly changed the sky­line view of Nashville. After com­plet­ing the re-image project, and numer­ous oth­er projects, we would rec­om­mend Ren­ovia to those seek­ing a trust­wor­thy part­ner in their paint­ing projects”

- Bob Fly­nn, VP Facil­i­ties and Game Day Oper­a­tions, Nis­san Sta­di­um

Mike Ley | Renovia

Mike began work­ing with Ren­ovia in 2016 and brings with him more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence in the con­trac­tor paint­ing indus­try. He works with prop­er­ty man­agers in the company’s Com­mer­cial Prop­er­ties mar­ket seg­ment.