Avoiding Surprises: What to Ask for in Exterior Painting Bid Packages

Renovia | Approving Contractor Bid with Condo AssociationsRenovia | Approving Contractor Bid with Condo Associations

Consider These Factors Before Approving a Bid

Exterior painting is important in your condo association to increase the aesthetic appeal of the property and for maintenance purposes. An in-depth annual inspection of painted surfaces is recommended to identify any areas that require maintenance, as it’s easy for small problems to become larger ones if you don’t notice and repair them regularly. Condominium associations should have a plan in place to ensure maintenance and painting of condo building exteriors. There are, however, factors that need to be considered before approving a bid package to paint a condominium property.


A condominium association should ask whether the contractors submitting the bids are covered by insurance. Contractors should have two types of insurance- one that will protect the property from damage by the contractors and one to ensure that workers under their supervision are covered in case of any liability while working on the property. Be warned: sometimes contractors don’t carry the appropriate insurances. It is up to the association to verify coverage with the contractors. Request proof of insurance to be submitted with your bid. An association should never work with contractors with no insurance, as this opens them up to lawsuits and liabilities.


A condominium association should also ask about the warranty policy provided by contractors. A contractor should specify the warranty in place while preparing the bid package, and the association should carefully go over the warranty to know what it covers and what it doesn’t, how long the warranty will last, if the contractor will provide labor in case of any defects and any exclusions to the warranty. A professional contractor will have a budget to cover warranty callbacks. In some cases, contractors disappear after hearing warranty callbacks and associations should steer clear of these contractors by checking their references, licenses and reading the warranty carefully.

The Price

In going over a painting bid package submitted by contractors, the price is an important consideration to look out for. Price quotes for paint jobs are affected by many factors including the size of the condominiums, the current condition of the walls, any external repairs needed, the number of coats to be used, paint quality, sheen selection, color preference as well as labor that will be needed. Look for bids that stand out drastically from the others either on the high end or the low end. This is not to say these contractors would do lower quality work, but the outlier bids are ones to be aware of as you choose your service provider.

Preparation Work

A bid package should also include preparation work to be done on the surface before painting begins. A buildings surface needs to be cleaned before a new coat is applied using methods like pressure washing, meaning added costs. Condominium walls will also need to be inspected for any cracks or holes and if any are found, caulking or EIFS/Stucco repairs have to be carried out, to seal any gaps found in the building.

In conclusion, a condominium association needs to go over a paint specification package carefully to ensure that the contractor hired will meet their safety, and maintenance needs, as well as budget requirements.


Learn more by downloading the Condo Association’s Guide to Making Color Choices.

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