Protecting Your Properties with Wet Glazing and Traffic Coatings

wet glazing and traffic coatingswet glazing and traffic coatings

At Renovia, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with predictable project solutions through a wide array of service offerings. We are proud to introduce two new services that can be used to protect your properties, no matter what challenges your buildings may be facing. 

Wet Glazing: this refers to the use of specialized sealants that keep finished materials (metal, glass, etc.) securely attached to the structural components of your building. 

Wet glazing works as a barrier against the elements, preventing moisture and outside air from coming into your building. Not only does it improve your window’s ability to prevent water penetration, it also protects from deterioration and can even help reduce glass movement.

Vehicular & Pedestrian Traffic Coatings: this is used when a protective coating is needed for a heavier traffic load to help withstand frequent, day after day vehicle traffic. The same is true for any common area that sees consistent foot traffic. As well as protect horizontal concrete from all sorts of weather and moisture that will over time, break down and destroy concrete.

Common applications for both of these types of coatings would be seen for multi-story parking garages, parking decks, concrete walkways or footbridges, rooftop decks, and outdoor balconies.

Below we break down both of these new services, when you should consider these for your facilities, and some ways you can be prepared if you run into water intrusion or climate issues. 

When to Use Wet Glazing or Traffic Coatings

Whether you’ve had water intrusion issues, you’re dealing with damage from freezing and thawing, or you’ve noticed concrete failures throughout your parking deck, Renovia provides peace of mind that comes along with predictable coating and sealant projects. Find out the various issues that warrant the use of these new offerings. 

Wet Glazing: We understand how frustrating window leaks and unwanted moisture can be. Wet glazing provides a great defense against water intrusions via your windows. When our customers come to us with the issue that “every time it rains we have water in our building”, you can assume that more than not, there are multiple issues taking place.

A good place to start is taking a look at the existing roof, trim cap & then windows. While Wet Glazing could be a potential solution for your problem, you’re better off to assess the entire facade prior to moving forward with any work. 

A few of the most common issues we see that wet glazing can help solve are: 

    • Excessive moisture inside your building due to lack of a proper seal 
    • Noticeable building drafts from windows / exit points
    • Visibly cracked or dried existing sealants

Traffic Coatings: Whether your concrete structures are suffering from damage due to constant freezing and thawing or salt erosion has reared its head in your parking deck, you may be in need of a horizontal deck coating. 

There are a number of factors that would justify the use of traffic coatings at your property:

    • There is noticeable chipping of the concrete or even exposed rebar
    • Your walkways or balconies look dated and could use a refresh
    • Preventative maintenance is needed to protect your property against the elements no matter what climate you find yourself in. 

There are a number of special situations outside of the ones listed above where these services are often brought about through our thorough estimating and onsite inspection process.

Utilizing These New Services

Both wet glazing and traffic coatings are effective ways to waterproof and protect your properties from the elements. While Renovia is responsible for building your tailored solution and acting as the application experts, we still partner with manufacturers to keep up with industry standards and best practices.  

Be sure to talk to a Renovia team member about your specific project to see if these would be a solution for your property. Do you have questions about either of these new services from Renovia? Do you want to talk to a team member about an upcoming project? Check out our full list of services here and reach out to our team today!

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