Protect your buildings from water intrusion with proper sealant installation. Our team of experts can remove, properly prepare, and apply sealants in any type of building opening.

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At Renovia, we understand how important the soundness of your building structure is to the well-being of your property. Whether it’s a perimeter joint that runs around your building, sealants around your windows, or a vertical expansion joint, there are many areas where moisture can leak into your building. Our job is to use sealants and caulking to help keep the elements and moisture out while ensuring heat or AC doesn’t escape out.

Fun Fact: Ensuring that your building is properly caulked or sealed allows you to cut down on the probability of heat or AC loss due to gaps in the facade. A properly sealed building can help your HVAC run more efficiently and effectively.



Sealants work as a barrier between your building and the elements. Whether they’re preventing against the elements like water or air drafts, sealants are your protection against unforeseen maintenance or repair projects now or could be looming in the future. Our team of experts will help you determine the best outcome for your property. There are three common sealant types that are used by our experienced team. 


  • Urethane Sealants
    With excellent tear and abrasion resistance, urethane sealants are often our team’s go-to option. They easily adhere to most construction substrates, such as masonry and wood, and they have the ability to be used in a broad range of joint sizes.

    • 5-7 year life expectancy and 7-year warranty
    • 48-72 hours cure time 


  • Silicone Sealants
    Similar to urethane, silicone sealants have excellent tear and abrasion resistance. While they cannot be painted or stained, they can still adhere to construction substrates like masonry, metal, and wood. Silicone is a durable sealant option with the ability to be used across a wide range of joint sizes. 

    • 15-20 year life expectancy and 20-year warranty
    • 24 hour cure time 


  • Hybrid Sealants
    Combining the best properties of silicone and urethane sealants, hybrid sealants maintain all of the same benefits with added color stability, reduced shrinkage, and higher moisture tolerance. Hybrid sealants have exceptional adhesion to most construction materials and known to have minimal dirt pick-up, keeping your building joints clean. 

    • 7-10 year life expectancy and 10-year warranty
    • 6-12 hour cure time


Our team of experts will help you determine the best sealant for your property. 




Curious to know where you’d find a urethane, silicone, or hybrid sealant? Check out the shortlist below of common joins that we typically work with: 


    • Vertical Sealant Replacement: Better known as expansion or control joints
    • Perimeter Sealant Replacement: Which most commonly runs around the perimeter of your building where the vertical facade meets the sidewalk
  • Door & Window Sealant Replacement: Where the perimeters around your doors and windows are replaced to help with the probability of heat or AC loss due to gaps between windows or around doorways. 


Looking for a different service to meet your painting or coating needs? Find our full list of services here, and start a conversation with a Renovia team member about your upcoming sealant project today.

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