Meet the Renovia Team

You won’t recall the projects a faceless business completed for your organization. You will, however, remember the people who took the time to forge strong relationships with you and helped provide guidance to solve your painting and renovation projects.


At Renovia, our people make an impact. We promise to provide you with consistent, quality service and one predictable outcome. Meet our team of experts who make it happen.

Matt Rolfsen | RenoviaMatt Rolfsen | Renovia

Matt Rolfsen


Tim Jones | RenoviaTim Jones | Renovia

Tim Jones

VP of Finance

Brett Williams | RenoviaBrett Williams | Renovia

Brett Williams

VP of Operations

Jason Lakes | RenoviaJason Lakes | Renovia

Jason Lakes

VP Sales & Marketing

Scott Aden | RenoviaScott Aden | Renovia

Scott Aden

Operations Manager

caleb archer - renoviacaleb archer - renovia

Caleb Archer

Assistant Project Manager

Jordan Arvin

Director of Technology

david baker - renoviadavid baker - renovia

David Baker

Regional Sales Manager

Ryan Care | RenoviaRyan Care | Renovia

Ryan Care

Project Manager

Brian Cook | RenoviaBrian Cook | Renovia

Bryan Cook

Project Manager

tara dewing - renoviatara dewing - renovia

Tara Dewing

Assistant Project Manager

Ryan Dorrell | RenoviaRyan Dorrell | Renovia

Ryan Dorrell

Pre-Construction Manager

Ross Dorrell | RenoviaRoss Dorrell | Renovia

Ross Dorrell

Senior Estimator

Matt Doucey | RenoviaMatt Doucey | Renovia

Matt Doucey

Project Manager

Logan Edging | RenoviaLogan Edging | Renovia

Logan Edging


Koten Everts | RenoviaKoten Everts | Renovia

Kolten Everts


Alejandro Gomez | RenoviaAlejandro Gomez | Renovia

Alejandro Gomez

Assistant Project Manager

Chris Hall | | RenoviaChris Hall | | Renovia

Chris Hall

National Sales Manager

Tyler Hardin | RenoviaTyler Hardin | Renovia

Tyler Hardin

Project Manager

chuck hobson - renoviachuck hobson - renovia

Chuck Hobson

Sales Manager - Hospitality

Brent Hogue | RenoviaBrent Hogue | Renovia

Brent Hogue

Sales Manager

Brian Johnson | RenoviaBrian Johnson | Renovia

Brian Johnson

Inside Sales Manager

Brandon Jones | RenoviaBrandon Jones | Renovia

Brandon Jones

Operations Manager

Ryan Kennedy | RenoviaRyan Kennedy | Renovia

Ryan Kennedy


Mike Ley | RenoviaMike Ley | Renovia

Mike Ley

Sales Manager

Tyler Mash | RenoviaTyler Mash | Renovia

Tyler Marsh

Project Manager

Kelly Mcgee | RenoviaKelly Mcgee | Renovia

Kelly McGee

Team Coordinator

Karrie McMillan | RenoviaKarrie McMillan | Renovia

Karrie McMillan

Sales Manager

Adam Miller | RenoviaAdam Miller | Renovia

Adam Miller

Project Manager

Andrew Moss | RenoviaAndrew Moss | Renovia

Andrew Moss


Alex Pflanzer | RenoviaAlex Pflanzer | Renovia

Alex Pflanzer

National Director of Sales - Storage

Casey Phifer | RenoviaCasey Phifer | Renovia

Casey Phifer


Cesar Rodriguez - renoviaCesar Rodriguez - renovia

Cesar Rodriguez

Assistant Project Manager

Jessie Sears HeadshotJessie Sears Headshot

Jessie Sears

Office Manager

Nathan Shruba | RenoviaNathan Shruba | Renovia

Nathan Shruba

Staff Accountant

Preston Steinle | RenoviaPreston Steinle | Renovia

Preston Steinle

General Manager

Paul Strack

National Director of Sales and Marketing

nate thompson - renovianate thompson - renovia

Nate Thompson

Regional Sales Manager

Jeremy Willey RenoviaJeremy Willey Renovia

Jeremy Willey

National Director of Sales - Healthcare