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How We Delivered an Unmatched Guest Experience at Caribbean Resort & Villas

Every project has unique challenges that threaten to push us off schedule or prevent us from providing predictable solutions for our customers. As an organization that specializes in commercial painting, it’s our job to be prepared for any obstacle that comes our way. That includes working around guests at a busy, occupied resort.

The Challenge at Caribbean Resort & Villas

The team at the Caribbean Resort & Villas in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, came to us with a project to drastically change the facade color at an occupied resort. It was on our team to ensure that no guests were impacted by our work in any way. Guest safety and satisfaction quickly became a top priority for our team. 

Not impacting the guests also meant having a strict, detailed schedule so that every stakeholder in the project was aware of designated work areas. It also required a great deal of flexibility from our team to keep the project on track even with all the moving parts.

Communication is Key

Our primary tool to make this a successful project was our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently on a weekly, and even daily, basis. Our team had two daily check-ins that include inventory updates and a schedule review at the beginning and end of each day. At a weekly level, our Senior Project Manager and the greater team would meet on Friday’s with the client to review the work that was completed and plan for the week ahead. 

Without this constant communication between teams and disciplined schedule that coincided with guest and resident activities, this project would have been dead in the water. We were able to dive deep into the inventory blocks so that we had appropriate safety measures in place. That meant OSHA approved barricades, signage, and guest traffic patterns to keep them away from the ever-changing work area. 

“From the beginning of the project to the end, Renovia and their team members were professional and detailed-oriented while also always communicating with our team. The pre-project meeting outlined expectations of the site conditions, the weekly progress reports that would be sent with notes/pictures, contact information for the entire Renovia team, and answers to our questions going into the project.” – Rich Trisler, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Director of Purchasing / HOA Director

caribbean resort before   caribbean resort after

On-Time and On-Budget

With meticulous scheduling and complete dedication to the plan, we were able to finish the entire project – including the original scope and a substantial number of client-directed change orders – a full month ahead of schedule. Throughout our entire project, spanning 5 total months, we had zero guest complaints or safety issues. 

“Our project with Renovia was a success because of the planning, documentation, thoroughness of the work scope and the implementation by the qualified workers. Our company, homeowners and guests have been very impressed with the new look of the buildings and we feel the Caribbean Resort will be a strong landmark for Myrtle Beach for years to come. We highly recommend Renovia and will be looking to partner with them in the near future.” – Rich Trisler, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Director of Purchasing / HOA Director

Ultimately, our project came down to schedule execution and predictable communication with the team at Caribbean Resort. We were incredibly fortunate to work with a client that understood that we required space and time to do our jobs – which was providing Caribbean Resort & Villas with a predictable project outcome. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our project with Caribbean Resort & Villas or you’d like to discuss your own project, reach out to our team today. You can also learn more about our Myrtle Beach Office and the services we provide throughout the Carolina’s.

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