Senior Living

Renovia is not just another painting contractor, we deliver a different type of experience. For your next senior living community painting project, you deserve predictability.

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At Renovia, we create trust by building relationships. Whether your community classifies itself as an assisted living community, retirement home, or an independent living community, Renovia has the experience to deliver purposeful, predictable project outcomes for senior living communities. 


When you interact with our team you’ll notice right away — we’re not another painting contractor. From the language we use to the way we treat customers with professionalism and respect, Renovia delivers a different kind of customer experience. Through purposeful, predictable communication our team prides itself on delivering predictability on every senior living painting project.




Our dedication to customer experience does not stop with our customers. The safety of your residents is our top concern. When we’re working on a painting project in one of your communities, we’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground, delivering professionalism and consistency from start to finish.


When painting a senior living community we have specific protocols we follow to ensure your residents stay safe. On every senior living painting project, we take special care to:


  • Place wet paint signs with large print so your residents can read them
  • Utilize protective plastic coverings on floors to identify the work area
  • NEVER prop open doors because we know this could be a safety concern safe 


At the end of the day, we make sure that paint gets locked up, the area is left clean, and no doors are open. It’s the little things that keep your residents safe. Our skilled team knows exactly how to deliver successful projects for senior living communities.




Our team of painting experts understands the needs of senior living communities, and we have tailored services to be the best partners possible. The following services are those most often found on senior living projects:


  • Commercial Painting
    Our team of skilled, commercial painting professionals are trained to complete any project safely, on schedule, and within your budget. Read more »
  • EIFS, Stucco & Masonry Repairs
    We perform a wide array of repair and restoration services on commercial properties, including those with EIFS, stucco, and masonry. Read more »
  • Wood Replacement
    Wood rot is inevitable. Talk to the wood repair and replacement experts at Renovia about protecting your building’s exterior from the elements. Read more »
  • Sealants
    Protect your buildings from water intrusions or air drafts with proper sealant installation or replacement. Read more »


Success is in the details and it’s the little things that set us apart. While we operate nationally, we feel local and understand the uniqueness of your community. We have the size and scale to help manage any painting project for your community.  


Every senior living community we partner with receives quality, professional work, and our in-depth product knowledge and support. Start a conversation with a Renovia team member about your senior living community painting project today. 


Because of their professionalism, quality, and project management, Renovia will continue to be a trusted partner.

― Scott L., Assisted Living Regional Manager, National Senior Living Provider

Renovia’s communication, speed, quality, and experience in our industry is unparalleled.

― Stephen B., Regional Director of Property Management, National Senior Living Provider