Increase traffic to your facility and secure more rental agreements. We will assist by providing coatings and repair service for storage facilities.

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Why Storage Facilities Trust Renovia

What sets your storage facility apart from the competition? Drive through almost any town and you’ll notice the storage complexes that look vibrant and new. You may also notice the ones that look like their best days are in the past. Your customers are recognizing the differences, too. Studies have shown the direct correlation between a fresh paint job and an increase in occupancy rates.


Renovia can help ensure your storage facility makes an impact on customers, providing them with the comfort that their valued possessions are in capable and secure hands.


Renovia offers consistency across large and small portfolios, quality products and workmanship, along with industry leading warranties, so you can feel confident in the services you’re receiving for your storage business. We have over a decade of experience in the storage industry and are the preferred partner and expert of industry leaders for refresh and rebranding projects across the country.


We will make life easy on your on-site management teams by staying on schedule, providing detailed daily updates and pictures of our progress. You have other things to worry about. We manage your project in detail, from start to finish.

I want to thank everyone at Renovia for making this one of the most pleasant contractor relationships ever. Your company will get first shot at any future painting business we or our partners have, if I have anything to say about it!

― Sandy S., Self Storage Ownership Group