Commercial Painting Nightmares When A Roof Leaks

Nailing new shingles onto a roof | commercial painting | RenoviaNailing new shingles onto a roof | commercial painting | Renovia

Some people may blame it on the rain. On the other hand, commercial painters say proper roof maintenance of a business or home will help create dreams instead of nightmares. The simplest of problems may cause the biggest of issues when it comes to commercial painting and repair.

Companies like Renovia have often received calls of distress after a roof leak caused mold, mildew, health and safety violations, loss of business revenue due to closed doors and other general water damage.

Mold + Mildew

The littlest of leaks in a roof can create a steady flow of water into the walls of your business. You may not see water coming into your building directly, and need to look for other signs you have a problem.

Ceilings and walls may become discolored with stained spots, which could be a water leak. You will also want to check around doors and window frames for potential leaks.

Paint may bubble up or peel away from the wall if there is water damage in the walls of your business.

When these issues aren’t addressed early by contacting a company who works in commercial painting and general restoration services, mold and mildew may become present. The costs will begin to rise in total repairs when these issues aren’t addressed or missed in daily routine causing commercial painting nightmares.

Contacting a company like Renovia who has managed these types of issues before will help prevent long term issues.

Health and Safety Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA notes a common cause for poor indoor air quality is “dampness and moisture damage due to leaks, flooding or high humidity.”

Organizations like Renovia who focus heavily on interior and exterior projects are available to identify your problems and help provide solutions. In the case where a water leak is present and your organization uses any chemicals, materials or other products which can cause indoor air quality issues if wet, you may be in violation of OSHA guidelines and standards and create a nightmare for your commercial painting repairs.

When businesses are faced with challenges like leaking roofs causing interior or exterior damages, finding a company with a successful track record is important.

Success is measured in our ability to consistently deliver timely, professional, quality work allowing us to continue strengthening these relationships.

Loss of Business Revenue

Commercial painting nightmares are preventable and in the case you face one, loss of business revenue can happen in addition to having to pay for a commercial painter.

If a roof leak isn’t noticed from ceiling or wall stains, paint bubbling up on the walls, mold and mildew being present or different odors in the air, operational downtime can occur while looking for contractors and identifying what needs repairs and what doesn’t.

An apartment complex with a leaking roof could cause a need for major renovations and lost revenue from empty units. Hotels could lose entire floors to water leaks. There would need to be major fixes including interior and exterior painting.

When it comes to leaking roofs, business leaders and facility managers need to keep an eye on the signs of growing mold and mildew, health and safety concerns and spotting water leaks. These actions may help identify if a roof replacement or repair is needed and may save time and money.

The leadership at Renovia believes in uncompromised character, delivering on commitments, building relationships, and making the right choices when it comes to rebuilding their customer’s business and livelihood.

Renovia implements core values in every job for every client. We focus on serving first while making sure clients get treated the way they would want to be treated themselves. They listen intently and focus on what will be and has been accomplished rather than taking credit for a job or accomplishment.

If you have faced a leaking roof and need to speak with a commercial painting contractor who will be open, honest and direct in answering all of your questions, contact us today. We would love the opportunity to speak with you, if only to answer your questions.

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