Painting Around Tenants in a Commercial Space

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Sometimes it Cannot Wait

Exterior commercial real estate painting has certain challenges unique to the nature of an occupied location. There never seems to be a perfect time to do this type of project. However, neglecting the task may eventually lead to water intrusion or other costly repairs. Health problems may develop if a mold condition goes unnoticed for a period of time. If your routine inspection indicates that it is time for exterior painting, it would be far more cost effective to schedule the project as soon as possible.

Here are several tips on how to do exterior painting while causing the least amount of disruption to tenants:

  • Advanced Planning— Every property has busy areas that need special attention during this type of project. Restrictions that limit access to walking paths and parking areas may be necessary. Certain entrances may be temporarily blocked during repairs. Discuss these problem areas with your painting contractor. An experienced professional will know how to minimize the effect on tenants. Perhaps, the task can be accomplished during a slower part of the day when there is the least amount of tenant activity. Giving everyone advanced notice of the necessary work can go a long way to reduce stress during the project. People like to be warned of closed entrances and detours. You can advise your contractor of the potential “hotspots” and they can draw on past experiences to help deal with these concerns.
  • During the Project — While the project is in progress, clear notices posted to warn tenants of wet paint or closed doorways will help to relieve tension. The main office entrance should be kept clear. This is where new tenants enter and get their first impression of the facility. Current tenants may enter here on business or to make a rent payment. Painting near the office is best done during non-work hours when few people will be in this area. A painter with commercial experience is the ideal candidate for the project. There can always be unexpected expenses during a painting project, but an experienced painting company can give you a more accurate estimate of the actual cost and will complete the job in a timely manner
  • Benefits — Your tenants will enjoy the freshly painted facility when the project is complete. Most will be happy to see the repairs and painting being done. Stress the final result to anyone with concerns and inform the tenants that you will be happy to voice any concerns to the contractor during the project. Prospective tenants will see that proper maintenance is a concern at your facility. Exterior commercial real estate painting does not need to be a stressful time with proper planning and a professional painting contractor.

To learn more, download our guide on Product Considerations Beyond Color for Commercial Properties.

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