The Value in Hiring Out Large Painting Projects

Renovia | Hiring Out Large Painting ProjectsRenovia | Hiring Out Large Painting Projects

In a condominium complex or retirement community, large projects of any type become delicate endeavors as managers juggle to avoid resident discomfort while still making improvements. At first glance, this work might seem most efficient when performed internally, using your maintenance staff to paint a little at a time between other work. Hours add up, however, and before long an exterior painting project has either taken weeks or your maintenance budget has been completely depleted in utilizing in-house labor for large-scale work. Before deciding against professional contractors, be sure to take these considerations into account to avoid wasting time and money.

Why You Should Hire Professionals

  • Guarantee– Most professional painting contractors guarantee their work, meaning in cases where paint chips or fades prematurely, or worse, the painter will return to fix problems for you. On the other hand, if your maintenance staff is required to correct either mistakes or touch-ups, you will be paying to have areas painted both the first and second time, as well as purchasing more materials to complete the required repairs.
  • Longevity- By hiring the right exterior painting company, you’re securing experienced contractors who have years of consistently superior work. They are knowledgeable on best practices as well as what considerations need to be made on your specific project. By hiring experienced professionals, you are bringing on a staff that will do everything possible to deliver the desired results.
  • Attention to detail– With a background specific to painting and similar work, your contractors know how to deal with problem areas and will be sure to pay attention to details. Little things like completing prep work, and delivering neatly executed trim and caulking could be the difference between excellent and shoddy work. It’s the details that make a paint job last longer and look better.
  • Timely Work– Professional contractors are experts in their fields, and are far more efficient due to years of experience. Rather than working slowly on a painting project in-house, a professional will be better prepared to arrive, complete their work, and clean up quickly and efficiently- saving you time and money.
  • Access to the right materials- When you are painting a large area or the outside of entire buildings, you need to ensure that everything is done right. Getting the right materials for the job is important and the professionals often know best. After years of using particular brands and product lines, a painting firm knows what paint covers best for the price paid per gallon and which caulking withstands hot summers and freezing winters.

When you look at your maintenance timeline, consider hiring painting professionals for large jobs, freeing up time and budgets for your maintenance staff to keep the other areas of your facilities running at peak efficiency, while ensuring your buildings are the nicest looking in town!


For more information, download our Condo Association’s Guide to Making Color Selection.

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