Virtual Estimating FAQ

What is VEP?

  • VEP stands for “Virtual Estimating Platform.” We use VEP to gather information about your exterior project in order to create an estimate and proposal without visiting in person.

What kind of information is gathered?

  • When performing a Virtual Estimate, we can gather pinpoint measurements (length, width and height of commercial buildings) as well as photos and imagery. This information, combined with our industry knowledge and manufacturer partnerships, provides you with a very accurate scope of work.

How do you get the images?

  • We have partnered with tech firms and imagery companies who specialize in taking, storing and overlaying high quality commercial photography.  The angles of the photos give us the ability to view a commercial building from the ground and the air.

How accurate are the measurements?

  • Since we began utilizing our Virtual Estimating Platform in early 2019, we have found that the measurable areas and perimeters are accurate to within a few feet (standard deviation). Given the size of some commercial buildings, we consider this to be incredibly accurate.

What does it cost?

  • For you, nothing! We assume all costs associated with the platform and do not pass it on to you.

Does it speed up the time it takes to get a proposal?

  • Yes!  If an estimator visits your project in person, the average response rate is 10 business days.  With VEP, the average response rate is 4 days!
  • Utilizing our Virtual Estimating Platform, you can more quickly and accurately make crucial business decisions related to budgets, approval and execution of exterior repaint projects.

Is VEP used for every estimate?

  • No.  There will still be many cases in which VEP is not the best option.  Below are a few examples where having an estimator on site is still required:
    • If large scale repairs need included
    • If the project has unique access requirements
    • If images and photography are not available or the views are obstructed
    • If it’s required in the request for the proposal that an estimator visits the project

How to get started:

  2. Fill out and submit the form
  3. A Renovian will contact you to learn more about your project
  4. Enjoy your free Virtual Estimate
  5. Continue doing business on budget, on time, and on your terms







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