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Convey the right visual appeal to both potential home buyers and current owners in your community. We can assist your Board of Directors by providing painting, coating and repair services that meet the unique needs of your homes.

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Why Condos/HOAs Trust Renovia

Homes in both condos and HOA communities often share walls with each other, and the appearance of one person’s home can be representative of the entire neighborhood. With this in mind, it’s important to maintain an attractive, uniform and welcoming exterior that helps your community retain its value and continue to catch the eye of potential home buyers. 


At Renovia, we focus on delivering a great customer experience for community managers and residents down to the smallest detail. With our industry knowledge and expertise, we can help you transform and revitalize your community, while still providing you with predictable results that make your life easier.


A Focus On Condo/HOA Communities and Retaining Value

With every Condo or HOA project our team works on, we approach them with intentionality, consistency and predictability. To us your project goes beyond paint, it’s about maintaining a community that people will value for years to come. For this reason, our team and crews work with quality in mind, not speed. 


When working with Condo or HOA communities, we ensure our process includes:

  • Systematic Communication. A process we use to ensure your Board of Directors and residents are always informed of project progress and next steps, to provide the predictable outcomes you need.
  • Specialization. No Condo or HOA community is the same and we recognize that, which is why our teams and crews work together to offer the best solutions for the individual needs of your homes.
  • Expectation. We strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations with our world-class commercial painting, coating and repair services that deliver predictable outcomes to your Board of Directors and homeowners.

Our team is skilled in this commercial painting space and knows how to complete successful projects that maintain or boost the value of your community.


Services Tailored to Condo/HOA Communities

Our team of commercial painting, coating and repair experts understand the needs of Condo/HOA communities. The services we offer are even tailored to help us be the best partners possible for you and your project. Here you can reference some of our services that may be of interest to your community:

See all of the services we offer


We believe that success is in the details and that it’s our intentionality and commitment to redefining what it means to have a commercial painting partner that sets us apart. No matter how big or small a project is, our team will always approach it the same, with integrity and intentionality.

Every Condo/HOA community we work with receives systematic communication, professionalism, high-quality results and predictable outcomes.



Start a conversation with our team today about your upcoming project and see what Renovia can do for your community.


Because of their professionalism, quality, and project management, Renovia will continue to be a trusted partner.

― Scott L., Assisted Living Regional Manager, National Healthcare Provider

I would highly recommend Renovia for consideration in a national paint program for retail establishments.

― Sara G. - Manager - National Retail Establishment

Renovia’s excellent communication and project management provided a hassle-free experience for me and my tenants.

― Nick B., General Manager, National Outlet Center